Need a Hero game review

Need of Hero is a game published by Alis Games. The game consists of killing monsters by combining icons on the board. In the first contact with the game everything is very cool. Killing Monsters brings radochę, upgrading equipment also. The player is rewarded with continuous progress in the game.SCREENSHOT_2015-04-17-08-09-45

… But… After a long time, we notice that our hero is constantly hungry and our movements are terribly limited, especially if we consider that gathering materials to improve our equipment takes from day to three. This is my main complaint about this game. The game prevents us from playing…. Unless we use Diamenciki, which we can buy for real coins. Unfortunately, the game does not have a very visible element of competing with other players to encourage us to make this purchase.

I think that a better model in the game would be advertising, while increasing the regeneration of food points. This would allow the player to catch longer to the screen, without causing him to be frustrated by the continuous interruption of the game


 Overall rating 4.5/10


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