Design control in games. Words a few

This is one of the first elements that the player draws attention to. So he should be well designed to not scare him and give him a look at our game in a relaxed atmosphere.

You should first think about what platform we dedicate our game. Or maybe it will be a few platforms. Do you include support for different controllers. I will try to unsubscribe a few main principles of control design:

  • It is important not to invent the wheel again. If this is only possible it is worth to use existing control schemes eg in FPS games to control usually use the batch keys. Players are accustomed to this, so they will not have to spend much time to get acquainted with your game.
  • It is important to remember to give the player the greatest possible configuration of how to control his game. You should give him the ability to change assigned functions to the keys on the crash or on the keyboard. It is also forbidden to forget left-handed people. A nice feature can be the default control preconfiguration for left-handed people activated with only one option.
  • You cannot overload a player with a number of options on one screen. On the other hand, it is not possible to shred too much.

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