Bunkermana problems

Bunkerman was a game I played with friends in a piece of paper or on a school board. One player, who embodied in Bunkermana, was tasked with defending against the looming enemies using purchased or Craftowanych items.

3 The main problems that I have come across when moving games into electronic dimension are: giving meaning to the continuity of the game, the system of injuries, and crafting.

The first one was solved by transferring the character from the stationary bunker to the vehicle. Once each battle is completed, the player gets 3 options to choose from, where each option means a meeting with another enemy.

The second problem-the system of injuries. It is likely to be simplified to HP and critical damage, or will be based primarily on critical damage. This issue still needs to be reworked… However, it is not as bad with my last problem, namely:

The number three-crafting Problem. The basis of the game was the freedom to combine almost all elements with each other and receive various results. I haven't been able to come up with systems that would be able to describe it in an electronic version. An interesting solution could be a system similar to that of Minecraft, but it does not completely meet my requirements, because require much simplification.

At the moment the case remains open.

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