Review: Reaper by Hexage LTD

Note Review for DEMO version

The creators present this game as an action RPG. I think far is her to RPG, however, you can see that the people of Hexage tried to do something about it. SCREENSHOT_2015-04-30-07-35-59[1]

The game has been placed a very pleasant leveling system, in which after the promotion we can choose one of three strengths. This perk improves one of our skills, or improves character stats. For the killing of opponents we also get gold, for which we buy items. You can not in any way attach to the graphics, this simply fondles the eye.

But I'm not here to write about the advantages of the game, but the downsides…

The main downside is that we can only play for free until our character reaches level 10. Then we have to pay for the full version. I think this monetization scheme can be checked for Apple users, but people using Android are accustomed to something else. I rather in the model 'obejrzyj the ad, and you'll unlock the next five levels. ' Although it could anger people, because beating the level in this game takes 2-6 minutes.SCREENSHOT_2015-05-02-10-31-11[1] During the game, I also had minimal problems with the control of the right/left and it is due to too small buttons.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the game seems to be enjoyable, the long run may prove quite monotonous. So I did not convince me to buy the full version.


Overall Rating: 7/10


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