A handful of ideas

I have some ideas for the game. I will try to describe them at speed.

Tactical turn-based game. The main characters will be crazy antropomorfizowane animals. For example, a cow with Rambo band casting Kociaczkami instead of grenades, an elephant acting as a sniper firing a trumpet, skunks in a gas mask with a flame stench attached to his butt. The game will take place on small maps. Characters will only be able to move in fixed patterns (chess), and attack only in fixed patterns, e.g. only in front of themselves, or only sideways.

Masakrator Bunnies. Would be a logical game in black and white and red colors. The game would on creating or supplementing mechanisms in such a way as to kill all the Bunnies on the board. Close to Incredible machines.

A general idea for a strategy game. Is in the early stages of the idea. I have only some main/general assumptions and elements: a map based on Hexa, creating villages and cities, creating armies, commanders of the Army, gods, avatars of the gods, Spies, wywiadowcy, priests, trade, rebellion of the province, capturing provinces, strategies Army, automatic battles, expansion of the province, units, various materials, research, defense of the province, siege, various types of terrain, artifacts, special objects on the map, special provincial bonuses, neutral villages, diplomacy, fortresses, temples, Religions, mana, special events. The game is to be a browser game a little similar to the tribes or ordinary computer game. In this game, you play the God, which during the game develops. The aim of the game is to dominate our religion in the world. To achieve this you can impose it by force, or by more friendly interaction with other cultures.

Another idea for the game would be to reverse the role of the UFO game. The player takes on the alien commander, who founded the base on the dark side of the moon and try to conquer the Earth. The main aspect of the game would be tactical skirmishes with Ziemianami (similar to those of the Silent Storm), development and management of your base, conducting research. The player would have to avoid being detected by Earthlings to stay unnoticed as long as possible. Gradually woulded intelligence, which would be information about his actions, initially coming from parties on the paranormal, later from blogging, from intercepted messages from military bases, and finally from television, where they will be shown Pictures of aliens. Then the earthlings begin to send their ships to battle our base on the moon.

I also have an idea for storyline, to play RPG, which will try to describe here soon.

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