World design and suspension of disbelief

Let me start by explaining the suspension of disbelief. This is the thought process that comes in the player's head. It makes you believe and delve into the world depicted in the game.

However, Immersja is a delicate condition. Many activities that are usually forced to give the player at their disposal destroys it. Examples of such actions are the recording of Savegame. The designer needs to consider/maintain balance between gameplay and the level of immersion he wants to keep in his game. Of course you can look for some options for elements that undermine the player's experience. In case you do not want the player to perform the same game records (and also lose immersję), we can use the system check points, AutoSave, or we can give the player only one life, as it is, for example, in the game the Long Dark. If you want to design a game with a high immercyjności, consider what can destroy it, and then change it.

A separate very important element, which has a great influence and immercję player is his suspension of disbelief. The player, including RPG game, agrees to believe that dragons are destroying the village and any man can krzesać the lightning with his fingers. You probably you a movie or a fantasy SF, where most of the time the plots of things are unlikely, but somewhere there was a little significant scene, where in your head there is a sentence: "No I will not believe it anymore". This is the crux of the suspension of disbelief. The player wants to believe in the world he enters and should not be disturbed. What often spoils the suspension of unbelief in games? Silly situations when a player can not go further, because it blocks a piece of bush; There is a together story when something is happening that shouldn't happen.

Of course, some players may not be very disturbing, and some might not notice. But why do you risk being a meme, just because you haven't thought of your project?

I leave you with a few examples.


More of these can be found here:

Designer Failers

or in Google

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