Tribial Wars 2 by Innogames

Tribial Wars 2 is a strategy game, which initially managed one small village and a small army. During the game Przeistaczamy this one small village in a lot of resilient settlements, build an army, attack other players, we create tribes and alliances. We can play on the phone and using a Web browser.

The game at the beginning does not take much time, only 10-15 minutes a day. However, quickly the amount of time required increases. Having eight villages the game starts to require about an hour or two. I do not even know how much time you have to devote to the game having 500 villages. Unfortunately, the game does not provide any automatic system of management of villages and armies, which could greatly away the game.

As I mentioned earlier, we can play on the phone and using a browser. Unfortunately the app on my Galaxy S4 worked very poorly when it was necessary to draw a tour of my troops. About horrors using my browser my experience was not much better. The game crasheded every 5-10 minutes, forcing me to reload the page.

Pay to Win in the game is manifested extremely strongly. For real coins we can buy almost everything. The shop will find the Army, acceleration of construction, acceleration of extraction of raw materials, officers giving various bonuses to our troops and many other growth mediums. The prices in the shop, however, are so absurdly high that probably few players decide to buy.

Another problem with the game was insufficient information that I provided. As a new player I often had to count on explanations from more experienced people. Of course you can always refer to Googli, wiki or YT, but probably not a good solution.

The game despite its monotony is highly addictive. This was achieved by gradually increasing the challenges posed to the player and the time he needs to devote. In addition, if we get to the tribe in which we will have the opportunity to cooperate with others, the game can pull us even more.

In. This is a specific game for a specific player. Wanting to achieve a decent result in the game, you need to look at her every hour, or even more often, also at night! This can scare off a large number of players, but as someone has already will…

For those interested I leave the link:

Tribial Wars 2


Overall Rating: 6/10

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