I want to create a game… And what next? Thinking about thinking and beginning.

Look for a game idea.

I assume you are a new person in the topic of creating games and probably do not have a powerful backend and a large fund, which you can devote to the creation of your game. My observation shows that in the budget games category The idea is the most important. The game, which has an interesting and original gameplay has a much better chance to encourage the client, than has long been known and Oklepana formula. At this stage you should already have a general outline of the game, and the theme of play. Don't try to re-invent the storyline for your game (if your game will have one), as you may be forced to change it due to a change in the game system itself.

You already have an idea. Now verify it. Think whether what you came up with Will entertain the player. Does it make sense and stick to together? You should ask what your friends, friends and family think about. If you zachęciłeś them, it's worth going further.

Don't be afraid to change or abandon your ideas. It is better to abandon the weak idea already in the early stages, than later, once you start creating the game. You must be able to imagine how the system that you invent affects your gameplay.


Games have to scare, teach, occupy time, but above all bring fun. A game that does not amuse, there is no future.

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