Game engine

The game engine is the main part of the game. It is responsible for displaying graphics, interaction between objects, sounds, AI, and many other elements.

Today there are many engines to choose from. You don't even have to be able to use some programming. Although of course it is always a very useful skill. My choice for creating the first game became Unreal Engine 4. This has been the case with their business model, which gives us full functionality for free. The Gentlemen of Epic (publishers of Unreal Engine) want to Pieniążków only when our product earns $3000 in the quarter. The biggest rival of UE4 is Unity3D. I have not selected Unity for one reason, for total freedom require a subscription ($75 per month) or a one-time fee of $1500.

Very nice features of the most popular engines described Bartek Cichocki on his website. You may want to read the article.

Article Bartek Cichocki

And here I leave the links to the EU and Unity and the wiki with the list of engines

Unreal Engine 4

Unity 3d


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