Rewarding and punishing players with examples

The player must get pleasure from the game, in order to help, we should reward him some way when he is doing well, and punish when he copes badly.

Rewarding a player can take a variety of forms, from a good point score, through animations, or by comments, to the next level. It is important that the reward is adequate for the effort it is to achieve. Nobody would like to turn out that trudził for two hours over something in exchange for something small and insignificant.

World of Tanks

The player for skillful gaming is awarded with various medals, resources and changes in statistics. For small achievements that happen in most battles (eg. Help in destroying the enemy, stopping the damage armor,) he receives little souvenirs. When a player manages to achieve a more difficult goal (e.g. Destroying six enemies) is rewarded with a rarer medal and icon in the battle summary. There is still a class of epic medals, which are very difficult to reach and have a large rarity in their collection.

Another type of prize is the raw materials, which are present as experience and credits. For each battle played, the player receives a certain number of credits and experience, depending on how he/she participated in the victory (or losing) of his team. These resources are used to earn more rewards, such as new tanks or their elements.

The last form of award-winning and punishing in this game are statistics. Since statistics are a determinant of the position in the community, they show who can and who cannot play.

Penalties for unskilled players are negligible. The destruction of our vehicle is of great importance because, after a while, we can start a new game. The low ranking also does not interfere with the fun, as well as low wages, when we are doing bad.

In summary, the player is awarded in many ways and the penalties are quite negligible. That's why this game can give a lot of fun. In the game there are prizes for outstanding achievements (medals), for the game and the Progress (resources, new tanks) and statistics.

World of Warcraft

Here we find a similar scheme of rewarding the player as in WoT. These are achievements, weapons, armour, money (internship and progress awards) and statistics.

For special achievements, the player is rewarded with a certain amount of points and recorded on his scoreboard, which is visible to all comers. Here, too, we find the achievements very common (reaching level x, or YY) and those very elite (beating the Boss X with the Y-conditions).

For many common actions in the game, the player is awarded with various items, money. These in turn allow him to obtain even greater rewards over time.

WoW player punishment in two ways. The first type of character death penalty (hardly severe as it can be revived in a short time) or the inability to complete a site.

Note that both of the above games have achieved great market success and both try to mainly reward the player, and not punish him!

General advice:

It is important to reward the player both for small things and for the big ones.

You cannot punish a player for something that seems fully logical, not providing him with all the information you need.


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