Project Absolute-game idea

The project Absolute is a 3d game, an MMO in which the main place occupy Mechs-rolling machines. The main game mode is PvP battles. The game gives you great possibilities to configure your machine. We observe our machine in third person view, with the possibility of moving into the interior.

Main elements:

  • The battle mode in which we steer our mech. Battle modes include: Standard, domination, attack, strategy, Solo missions.
  • A garage in which we can configure and view our vehicle.
  • Research. This Element is responsible for discovering new technologies such as: Corps, upgrades, weapons, drives and more.
  • Factory. It allows to produce invented mechanical elements.
  • Constructing a Mecha. A simple system in which we can build our robot from pre-invented components from scratch.
  • Development of the pilot. The mech Pilot advances with the experience gained, earning new skills.

More under the link:

Project Absolute

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