First Impression – Two reviews

As the first impression in mobile games is important, I decided to focus mainly on this issue. Why yes? Well, the mobile gaming market is overwhelming, and if the game doesn't entice the player from the first moments, it's removed and replaced by another.

The first game is a Cute Kill by Touchten

The game takes on the child stuck to a running lady, which with various types of weapons shoots the looming zombies. In theory the game looks very cool and it just tempted me to install. Unfortunately, the same appearance of the menu przyprawił me for the first chills. is terribly unreadable. Przełknąłem this bitter pigułę in the hopes that the game itself will be more interesting. The game, however, did not want to give me or an entertainment. Control with the accelerometer was so imprecise that I quickly changed it to manual. Another unpleasant surprise. Someone designing control probably never played on the phone… Because my character persistently ran to the left when I clicked on her right side. Luckily, she ran left when I clicked on the left:)

The game had a very high potential, but was destroyed by bad execution and bad design. I give 2 just for one reason: it's easy to remove from your phone.

Rating: 2/10


The second game is Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire by Nitrome

The game from the first moments enjoys the eye of cool pixel printmaker. What even better game refrain me from the silence of sounds nice for the ear music-returned the times when I went to play buddies Pegazusie. The game itself consists of zbijaniu balloons to which the opponents are attached. We do this with magic gestures… So draw different patterns using our sticks. Oh, and the sticks need to be really fast, because the pace of the game grows at a staggering pace. Over time, for gained coins, we can buy some improvements, skins and some other toys. Overall, the game creates a neat and pleasant whole.

Only to the pace of the game I can grip, although this is my very personal opinion.

Rating 8/10

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