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Digital Rights Management (DRM) – based on cryptographic or other content-hiding methods a security system designed to counteract the use of data in electronic format in a manner that conflicts with They prefer their publishers.

The purpose of this mechanism is to protect creators ' copyrights, in practice can be used to restrict the use of data in computer and multimedia systems. DRM is a special case of Information Rights Management (IRM), which is also used to protect information that is covered by various forms of secrecy.

So we already know what DRM is generally. As it is a blog oscillating around the theme of games, only this part will interest us. It is a mechanism used by publishers and creators to secure mainly their income. It can take various forms, such as entering codes, registering online, and there are even Web sites that perform the function of DRM (eg Steam).

But what does it look like on the player's side? Ano poorly. As a reward that you bought the game legally you are punished by the manufacturer variety "facilities". I often get the impression that the creators try to do a lot to discourage players to buy. It is not forgotten that the Internet is full of spiraconych games, which will not require me to log in, enter keys. The only thing you usually need to do is replace the file.

I'll mention your two DRM-related stories.

The first happened a few years ago when I remembered about the game I had already bought. Glad I sat down to the computer with the plate in my hand, I go to install, and the game asks me about the key…. "Cholercia, what key I think." After a deeper thought, I remembered the attached to the game booklet, which was a CD-key. Unfortunately, lost the move. I did not give up, however, and I contacted the publisher describing my problem. There I was asked to photograph the plate and the package to make "something you could come up with." Unfortunately (I probably misuse the word) after I sent the photos contact off. I found that I do not want to play so much in this game to trudge it further. I decided to never buy games from this publisher.

A somewhat fresher story related to the game Anno2070. For some time I played in a pirate version-it was nice. The installation procedure came me so that I do not even remember it. Therefore, the game I really liked, I decided to buy it and re-install. The first hurdle was the requirement to download Uplay, then update. Later also I had to register on their site… Of course my nickname was already busy. At this point I started to wonder if I did well by making this purchase. But the game has been turned on! What was my surprise when I started to experience lag (yes, such lag, as when playing online) in the game single player! Probably the game communicate for some purpose with the server for certain activities. The limits of my patience have been reached and I went back to the pirate, and the ladies and gentlemen of Uplay do not buy anything….

DRM also greatly restricts our right to freely manage its property and our right to copy for personal use. After all, we pay that we can copy! We pay and it's often not once, and a few times, when buying a disc, recorders, printers. The rudeness summit has been reached in the USA, where DRM security violation is punishable.

In this article I do not want to persuade you to Piracenia. I want to expose some important problem, which is the approach of publishers to their best customers – those who decided to buy. I hate being treated like a thief, and DRM has just such a message.

In conclusion I would ask you to think about the purchase of another game with DRM-is it worth it? Remember that the cost of technology that has you away life has been included! After all, there is nothing for free.

I also want to express my appreciation for CD PROJEKT RED, for not cluttering up my game. Personally, the new Witcher I do not buy because… CD Projekt was a distributor of the game referred to in the first story. On the other hand, however, it is evident that something in their thinking is changing.

EDIT after year:
Ehh… You can't be a child and shoot the fochy. The village will probably buy when its price drops:)



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