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Today I start a new series of comments for projects found on the web. At the fire of the first shelling got to k4cz0r from the CDA forum.

January 03 2014-21:16

Name of the game: while there is no
Genre: Adventure + elements Survival-horror/action (FPS?)/What will succeed Wykodzić
Action time: more or less present
Main character: Castaway, what who and how-to add in the course
Game world: Abandoned, now uninhabited island. With the unknown past… And since that moment I still do not know how it will look in the final phase, I have 3 ideas. It all depends on what mechanism of the game you choose (see below)
Storyline: The player starts the game on the beach waking up after a disaster (before the start maybe some small cut-scenes 'co was before '). From the beginning, everything looks like it went to a desert island, but further discovers something that resembles a small camp…. etc etc. This first scene has already been finite to limite[patrz niżej]d. Further discovers other buildings, underground complex…. and also depends on how it goes from the chosen concept. There are three:
1. Game Typical adventure of the old type as Anna or Gone Home-visiting the site, discovering the mysteries of the strange facility (eg. The Japanese research from the 2WŚ era?).
2. Survival-Horror, type Amnesia or Slender-that is, in total, as above + accelerate actions associated with terrible places controlled by scripts.
3. Adventure FPS-is already in the direction of the new Tomb raider, so that FPP (much less problems than TPP, eg. With player animations, etc.). After the discovery of the facility, it appears that there were conducted research on the possibility of "upg[Ubersoldier?]rading" the man, and we will fight with zombies-like opponents (eg. Obudzonymi by us by clicking/tapping/taking something).
The game runs on a free version of the Unity engin[nie Pro ! Także żadnych fajerwerków graficznych z DX11 tu nie będzie, grafika na poziomie pierwszego Far Cry, i to co najwyżej]e. As I mentioned, I've already pre-completed[a raczej naszkicowany w silniku 😉 ] the first level-wake up on the island, finding WW. Camp, and for this the need for matches found in the building. I will not lied, all out what I did is thanks to the book "Designing games in the Unity 3. X", however it all gave me the above ideas and I think it's worth continuing. I just added a little vegetation, thanks to the free models found on the web. In the plans I now write a simple system of life, furthe[HP]r extending the island, because as long as I have a snippet of the above leve[już mam wymodelowane miejsce z oczkiem na wodospad, ale to później]l.

As far as this first-level prototype version I don't want to give here, it has a slightly kicked lighting, a few bugs, and some serious deficiencie[np. brak konsekwencji za frywolne chodzenie, nawet nie nurkowanie, w oceanie – brak HP]s.

The first thing I threw in my eyes is the lack of a specific concept to play. Drake is not sure if he wants to do FPS, horror, or anything else. You can see that he wants to do a step-by-step game, slightly adding some elements of the world. This can be very disastrous, as it can be terribly difficult to make a fundamental thing like the design of a control, as there is no way to predict what other elements of the world will fall to our head and how to use them. The next problem may be a problem with setting the character parameters and UI. For example, when designing a game-horror, we might want to enter the parameter responsible for the mental state of protagonist. However, in order to do so, you should already be aware of this to be able to design the elements/situations that will affect it. In contrast, the UI composed of random doklejanych to each other strips can at best give the impression of messy and ugly and in the worst be impractical.

Nothing more probably can not be deduced from this description, because it is very vague. Maybe K4cz0r can be tempted once for a better description, and then again take it under the magnifying glass.


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