Craft the World

The first encounter with the game made me want to uninstall it, due to an error which did not display any text. With the obligation to run the game again and was already better.

Craft the World in the first moment associated me with terrarium, Minecraft and The Sims. Strange combination that gave Smerfastyczny effect. In the game we prove brigade dwarfs, we build a house, we care that they had full belly and that they did not happen to Kuku from the nasty skeletons, zombies, goblins, and the whole swarms other paskudztwa.

The game, however, suffers from a certain bolączkę, which I wrote in one of the previous articles-lack of sufficient information to the player. Many times I was forced to ask Google how to perform some action in the game and I was not alone in that. The game does not translate to what are the objects manufactured by us, and this is one of the main elements of the game!

Another gripe is the lack of ability to control the time lapse in the game. Unfortunately, our dwarves have short feet and do not move too fast, so sending them in long journeys is associated with lengthy periods of nicnierobienia. A simple 2x button could make this change significantly.

I'm curious, too, who came up with the idea of placing witchcraft in the place where the list of manufactured items is located. For a few minutes głowiłemed how to build a spell to use it, until I finally got the idea that you just need to flip it over the quick access bar. This could not be solved by a shortcut key?

After my Czepialstwie you can think that this is a poor game. None of these things. Graphic is pleasing to the eye, and the player does not tease, and even more the game.

Price… In addition to the promotion on Steam is 19euro, which seems to me too much for such production. Given the recent changes to the rules of steam relating to the returns of purchased games may be worth a try?Ss_d0d2dbc49c4c1612480c83d76c66a03228bfdef3

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