Game Idea-Lopikos

Again it's time for the idea found on the net. Today we draw again from the CDA forum, and today's guest is Lopikos.

Game Name: Warrior? Something like that.
Game Genre: Simulator, FPS, fight.
Time of action: New Egyptian State (1570 BC), Rome (509 BC) Middle Ages (395 A.D.)  Colonial era (1500 A.D.) Napoleonic Wars (1800 A.D.) The First World War (1900 (yes, I know that the war started in 1914 but you have to give players time to prepare)-1[w 1920 następuje koniec gry]920) Of course is just the start date. The only end of the game is 1920 (or will be conquered).
The main character & comrades: there is actually.
Game world: A game similar to Total Wara. It is a strategic map, guided by the pawns that symbolize the army, manages the country, etc. The whole game would, however, focus on the battles. A tactic is set before the battle. You can also press the Random button and immediately move to the battle. Ustawiałoby it easily, simply by drawing arrows, setting the way AI combat (of course, ai of our units) eg. Without mercy, cautious, defensive, etc. Once the tactics are set, the battle begins. The whole army is not controlled by one man alone. Because the game would take place in different eras, there would be different ways to fight. Certainly the easiest one would be the epoch of Napoleonic, just clicking to shoot, and sometimes right to hit the bayonet. The most difficult was the melee that would have been in most eras. Attack, traditionally, on the left mouse button. Move the mouse ruszało by hands, so that you can attack many ways. Holding a button zmieniałoby to move the mouse Ruszało head to dodge or just look. Arrows or WASD'em to moved. Numpad Ruszało would be flesh to avoid punches. During the battle you have to listen to the general whose voice would us what to do (according to tactics). Not doing this would killing. After killing a character appear in the screen as in the driver San Francisco, is slow motion. You need to quickly select the character you want to target now and quickly turns into battle. After winning or losing a battle simply return to the map and play further.
Storyline Games: Historical

Lopikos presents a very interesting and powerful idea, pulling a few serious problems. The biggest problem I see in the giving sense of combined strategy with FPS. As a result of the strategy, the unit does not count – Therefore the player's actions on the battlefield would have a negligible meaning. Reversing the situation; In order to make the game a FPS sense we need to reduce the importance of the strategic part. I don't think it's possible, for a simple reason: the player will of that part of his efforts is senseless.

It is possible to capture another contradiction: the execution of the general… After all, you've just determined your tactics…

Lopikos also moves the issue of control, which is quite unheard of. Given that players have at their disposal firearms, they will rather avoid melee combat. Apart from the complexity of such a solution, in a game where we shoot focusing on melee combat can lead to an unnecessary increase in the cost of production.

When designing the game you must always pay attention to whether the elements invented by us to play together. Is there anything superfluous that can be cut without much damage?

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