Constructing Mecha – Project Absolute

For several days I meditate on the design of the mecha in the project Absolute. In the game, mech consists of three basic elements: legs, hull and weapons. The hull can be rotated with some leeway to the legs depending on the type. IE some mechs may allow hull rotation of 360STOPNI and some only about 45. Born is a few problems with control, because I want the hull along with the arms move behind the mouse, and the legs behind the keyboard. The problem appeared when I realized a problem related to the fact that the moss can strejfować-I was not sure how to give the player the possibility of mouse-independent control of the direction of movement. Along with a friend we probably the optimal solution: when the mech does not move the AD keys are responsible for strafe, and in motion for twisting.

The mecha prototype creation Workflow should look like this:

Create legs with animation.

Developing the control of the legs.

Development of the hull.

Placing the hull on the legs, determining the possibility of rotating the hull relative to the legs.

Definition of hull rotation speed

Develop weapons

Placing weapons on the hull

Definition of the range and speed of movement of weapons in relation to the hull

After this stage, you will create several models of hulls, legs, weapons, and then create a constructor of mechs.

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