Game ideas, Vol2

Maze on platforms

The player must reach the starting point by moving on the platforms suspended in space. Can enter platforms connected for 90STOPNI. The goal is to reach the starting point. In some boxes there are symbols that allow you to move to the other side of the platform, move only in one direction, launching a straight line player.4

Figures with colored sides

On the board there are figures such as triangles, squares, cubes. These figures have sides painted in different colors. The mechanics allows you to create two different games. The first is the discovery of the road. The player must find his way through the figures. It can only move from figure to figure when the sides are in the same colour. The second game is the match 3 variation, except that there are matching figures with the same side color.5

Building cars with modules, races

Arcade-style racing game in which the player can build auto scrolls with the supplied modules, such as great wheels, different types of hull, spikes, rifles, rams, caterpillars, various engines. These modules would have an impact on how the vehicle will lead. The tracks have a degree of openness that will enable the use of certain features of the built car (light auto can jump the Rift, heavy with the battering ram can smash the wall, etc.).

Destruction of buildings

The game requires an advanced calculation of the physics of buildings: load capacity, loads, various materials. The game is to destroy the building in the shortest time possible. We have at your disposal a spec from Demolki who uses hammering and explosives, and a steel cutting torch.

Pixel Warrior

You control a color pixel on a map where you destroy other pixels. Maps contain points where our pixel can change color. You can only destroy pixels of the same color. Over time, we can expand our pixel with additional pixels with special features.


An extensive version of Klickerowych games, in which we have to quickly click to kill the enemy. In this version we run through the forest, mountains, etc. We must kill the looming opponents before overtake the player's character. Different skills are available under different keys-some of them may work better on some enemies.

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