Game Design-boring fragments

Boring and unnecessary fragments in the game, is something that you do not like any player. Nobody likes to wait until something is happening in the game, or repeat a certain action that has no direct effect on the game. What could be such a thing? This may be waiting for the creation of the item; A long journey, during which nothing interesting happens; Moving items in your inventory, waiting for a cure; Search for the last enemy, because someone invented it, that you have to kill 100 characters in the cave (Diablo2).

Solving these problems can be very easy in many cases. You can accelerate your journey by adding waypoints to which you can move your game; The crafting of the item can be done immediately or very fast; You can solve items in your inventory by adding the corresponding button 'przenieś all '; And the search for one monster can be skipped, or indicate the player's way to him.

How do I search for these game elements? The best to present the game, to someone lazy, impatient and Marudnemu, who will show us the elements that completely do not play and are tiring.

Remember! Don't bother the player with senseless actions!

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