How not to start designing the game.

Some time ago I read that it is not worth writing the script before the development of the game mechanics. I did not believe it too much. Recently, however, I start to convince these words. As you may have noticed I write a scenario for the game, which will be in the assumption of RPG game. Unfortunately, writing goes poorly for one reason: I write it on a regular basis without knowing the world, and to create the world, you first need to create a mechanic that will be ruled. So at the moment zaprzestaję create this scenario, to develop the mechanics of the game itself. I started by creating a list of professions that the player can develop. At this point, I wanted to create several classes related to specific events and places, which in itself forces the establishment of certain events in the history of the world. 

Hunters, thieves, mages, Warriors, Knights, Barbarians, Bards, and many more.

At this point I had already outlined the appearance of the game. I want it to be a MMORPG game with a lot of emphasis on a very dynamic fight. The amount of levels that a figure can achieve will be large, which may carry a forced grind that I want to avoid. 

Then I proceeded to inventing the races that will be possible to choose for the player. This, of course, must have had the right events in the world. I hope that already at this point you can see that writing a scenario without knowing the elements of the game does not make much sense, because the elements that you will add as the history evolve will have a weak reference to the surrounding world player.

Humans, elves, grey Elves, dwarves, Spopielenis and Giants.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I wanted some professions to be associated with some places or historical events. So I created outlines of several professions with related orders, cities, Warowniami and clans.

Going further I thought that you could introduce some variety in the possibilities of player character development. It is about Likantropię, vamp and undead. The player can get infected with the first two, which will give the appropriate effects. Likantrop sometimes changes in a werewolf, and the vampire receives the appropriate modifiers during the day and at night. However, it will become undead can open access to certain professions and changes some skills and parameters. These conditions must be reversible. These game elements must also have their own story in the game. I guess you do not imagine a herd of werewolves that came out of nowhere and nobody cares?

Another thing about which I mentioned-and will have a big impact on history-is a type of game. I want it to be a MMO game with lots of levels to conquer. To eliminate the grind you need this world to fill the brim with content so that the player does not want to stand in place and beat the monsters, or without interruption perform the same steps. You have to give him many classes, many places to visit, which forces the creation of a sufficiently large world in which the game will play. This world cannot be homogeneous, the individual regions must inhabit different characters, tribes, nations, with a different history, a culture of behavior.

I hope that you understand already why it is not worth to invent the plot before the game mechanics.

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