Review of the Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity delivered by Obsidian. RPG Game set in a fantastic world of Eora. It is the successor of legends such as Baldur Gate, Placescape, or Icewind Dale. A game in which you play as if you were reading a good book.

My progress in the game is quite slow, and that's the cause of two things. The first is the unimaginable amount of text that occurs in the game. Every dialogue with an independent character, every book encountered, a note worth reading, because it gives us an insight into a truly profound, interesting and fantastic world story. The second thing that Hamowała my progress is long fragments of anything in the game. Loading up the map, even the smallest ones takes a very long 10-20 seconds, and sometimes we are forced to go a few such levels where we've been and we have nothing to do. The designers tried, however, to minimise this inconvenience by adding a quick mode to the game, which accelerates the time in the game.

An interesting element is our own stronghold, which we can develop during the game. However, I have a unsatisfied related to it. It does not give many interesting possibilities. You can sleep in it, trade, hold prisoners, occasionally someone attacks it, but it doesn't matter much. You could squeeze more here.


In no case is this game weak or even mediocre. This is a very good game, and in addition sponsored by players from Kickstartera! The completion of her will take me even duużo time.

Overall rating 9/10

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