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Today on a wallpaper Arthizo idea, also from the CDA forum

Game Name: "Polish Patriot"
Game Genre: FPP
Stock/story: The game will be located in the days of World War II, and more specifically in the autumn of 1939 year in Poland. The game embodied in the form of several Polish soldiers (more information about them in the following paragraph), fighting the Nazis and Russians (USSR), who have just attacked our country. The game provides for the presentation of the battle over Bzura, the Battle of Kockiem, pod Wizną and numerous sniper missions located in Warsaw.
Heroes of the game: the game embodied the role of the several of Polish soldiers (depending on what we are going to have a mission):
Battle of Bzura-serial Mirosław Niemczyk-years 39, went to the front leaving his beloved wife and two children in Masuria. He is a quiet person, but will not hesitate to use weapons against the enemy. All the time thinking about the family and dreaming about the end of the battle. Can he wait for her end?
Battle of Kockiem-Andrzej Leżajski-member of the Independent Operational Group "The Forest", the 1930s. The man in whom he still sits bad memories of his childhood (he had no parents, grew him uncle-an alcoholic), trying his anger to unload on the battlefield. Already at the beginning of this mission Andrzej points out that SGO members have too few ammo…
The Battle of Wizną-called "Polish Thermopylae"-embodied here in the form of a young 21-year-old Michael's watch, one of the soldiers of Captain Raginisa. He is afraid of his life. He knows that Poles are without a chance in a clash with the enemy (720 people against over 60-fold more German troops).
Warsaw-embodied in the form of Arthur Kowalski. He does not work in the group because he is a good sniper. Works alone, but effectively.
Game world: Poland in 1939 year. After the German flight, many cities are reminiscent of veritable ruins. During the mission in Warsaw we are witnessing her bombardment. In terms of weather conditions-rainy autumn.
Game axis: The game is divided into 4 main levels-three battles and missions in Warsaw. In terms of the style of the game, "Polish Patriot" closest to "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault". In the game we will witness the battle, we will also act in hiding (Warsaw missions). The game should provide about 10-12 hours of fun. The biggest drawback of the game can be its linearity and all scripts…
Visuals: The game is created on the copyrighted "Patriot" engine, which takes full advantage of the capabilities of DirectX 10. During the game uświadczymy most of the latest graphic gadgets, high-quality textures and pixel shaders. The role of the physical engine will perform AGEIA PhysX. A lot of impression on the player have done very impressive cut-scenes and great animation character. The game is to be a little brutal-in the "Polish Patriot" did not uświadczymy hectolitres of blood.

He immediately throws in the eye that Arthizo focused almost exclusively on the storyline of the game. The realities of the game and the characters give great opportunities to create an addictive action and identification with characters. Unfortunately, Arthizo does not tell us much about the mechanics of his game, only about the desire to create a copyright engine and the use of already existing physical engine. Pity, because I would be happy to usłyszałbym something more about this project… Even if it were to be Gdybanie… I would like to see an accurate scenario of a sample mission, describing the interaction of major characters with other characters.

You may be able to persuade Arthizo to develop your idea.

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