Develop the idea for the game Woodblock Artist-Description of the project

Main game mechanics

In the center there is a contour of the object the player arranges with the provided puzzles. The puzzle is not a picture, sometimes only lines that can make it easier to lay. A puzzle is available to the player around the contour.

In the center of the contour there is a grid of dots, these points are attached to the puzzle tops.Woodblock

The Puzzle is cut randomly. You need to adjust the size and number of sides. These values should be min-Max ranges. In the initial phase of the project should be stored in a separate text file for easy calibration. Values can be different for each level.

When you drop a puzzle, it snaps from to the nearest point, if no collision occurs. In the event of a failed position of a puzzle (collision), Puzzel returns to its previous position. The player can freely translate the puzzle beyond the contour.


Left mouse button grab the puzzle, releasing the drop key. Right rotate them by 45 degrees. Alternative controls for touch screens include "Capture and drop". The rotation is replaced by a double tapnięciu.

Victory conditions, Prize

The player wins when 100% of the figure is filled. The output example of the puzzle or the guides do not matter.

After completing the puzzle, the player presents a picture showing the object he or she arranges.

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