Kickstarter-a chance to ufundowanie your game

Kickstarter is a crowdfoundingową platform. The principle of Crouwdfoundingu is simple, when someone likes your idea, it can put a cash on it. The problem is to interest people.

I browsed a lot of rebounds. These big and those relatively low. I have noticed that the ideas that people are willing to cash in have some common features.

  • are very well described. They have a lot of graphics, videos.

  • These are projects in the early stages of production, where on the movies you can see sample gameplay.

  • Behind the project is a team with a lot of experience, which has already created several games.

  • Continuation of the series

  • Book adaptations, language ports or platform

  • Many offer the funders

  • Great idea. The game must have a degree of innovation in relation to graphics, history, gameplay style.

These are the most common features in these games that have been financed. Of course, not having any of them will not cross your chances. Try it always.Kickstarter-meme-568x325

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