Early access to games: for and against

Today, we are increasingly seeing that publishers of various games are increasingly offering us early access to the game, to beta, or sometimes even to alpha. What does this entail? If you are free to access this game, it is a chance to be interested in our product community before the release of the game. It is also a chance that players wyłapią a lot of bugs in the game. Otherwise, the case looks when the publisher decides to pay access. Then usually tempted players are certain exclusive merchandise, such as additional characters, access to exclusive levels, early access to the server at the time of the release of the game. This carries a high risk, as players who have not decided to purchase the game in the early access phase may be zniesmaczeni in the fact that they did not get the complete of the product.

Regardless of this, there is a risk that players will make their opinion about the game only based on the experience of the alpha or beta or incomplete product. This can be extremely dangerous when the player does not have full awareness of what is early access and will share their impressions with friends.

Personally, I'm an opponent paying someone for something they haven't completed yet. The leading argument will be to be released recently the location of the game on PC – Batman: Arkham Knight, where most players have experienced many bugs with the optimization of the game. As a result, the publisher had to withdraw the game from sales, return coins people. Do not surprised if many people that this way have been letdown again will release their coins on this game.

Once the publishers have paid players to test their game, now the situation has changed….


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