The idea of a game from the Internet-Maridok

Today on the wallpaper the idea of Mr. Maridok from the CDA forum. I allowed myself to omit much of his idea, because it mainly describes the story or very common things. I want to focus on something rare, or unique in today's games.

No weapon and armor stats. The player will determine the same visually the weapon is better (it is known that the sword is better than a wooden stick or heavy leather armour from a regular shirt), and the amount of damage depends only on skills and knowledge so you should train (the training bag can be All you can bash) alone or with someone experienced.

I really liked the idea. It gives a certain adjusting uncertainty in the game, which can add a lot of flavor to the game. However, a person who is deciding to implement such a solution in their game is subject to some risk. Players can test items themselves and create a wiki that will contain the approximate parameters of these items. Another risk is that players may not agree with certain item parameters, precisely because they do not know them. The player may also not have adequate knowledge of the weapons, which can result in bad choices, or recourse to sources of knowledge outside the game. In part, these problems can be solved by guiding a system of trainers who will explain to the player the effects of specific subjects.

Anyway, this idea has something to do!

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