Heroes of the Storm-final score

It's time for a final evaluation of HOTSów. Let's start from the beginning…

Our main menu, from which we manage your characters is very friendly and intuitive. buttons, options and other things are nicely described.

Our characters are nicely presented, but in no way did I manage to rotate them or make a close-up. It was a nice relish. Here we can review the skills of all the characters, but such a layman as I did not help. To know their actual action I had to enter the battle and test them. The rotation Model of the weekly heroes, which we can play for free is a great idea. You can try something before you buy! The only thing I can attach at this point is the delicate trimming of the game the first time.

But let's get to the bottom of the game.

The game is quite dynamic, we can run through the board, kill minions and opposing heroes. But there are a few things that with this dynamic. The first is a lack of sense of strength when I play heroes. I imagined that such a Diablo would be toreed by the enemy's cannon-like meat by melted butter. Instead, waving a łapkami, sometimes Tupnie nóżką or in a fit of anger will throw somebody about the soil. I realize, however, that it would be very difficult to solve in another way… At least I do not have a sensible. It takes a blind eye, as a factor balancing the game.

However, I can not pass a long time to respawn. To not repeat, I refer you to the previous article.

Surprised how many players defend the respawn time, I also wondered why. The only sensible reason is that used to this inconvenience… Stockholm syndrome. The defenders give different arguments, I mention a few of them: because each MOBA so has, because such are the rules of MOBY, because as something will be after death, everyone will be deliberately dying, because you are retard, because you can not play, because it is a game developed for pro-gamer, because it dictates the balance of the game Because the game would be too long. UFFFF, it did. Most of this I consider a terrible guggle, which is not supported by real evidence.

Not to be eaten by HOTSa defenders I have to supporting something… I found the statement of one of the developers on the long respawn.

Long Rez timers are the only reason games end. We tested mana, many different rule sets in Heroes of the Storm. We tested with and without levels, with and without gold, with and without a shop, etc. The only thing that ended up controlling how long it takes a game to end is the Rez timers. Nothing else mattered.

We may be able to design maps in the future that change the rules enough that we don't need the longer Rez timers and we can certainly design heroes that have different rules when it comes to resurrection and we already have talents that modify resurrection. But we cannot make a blanket rule that duces rez timers beyond where they are at now. Even 5-10 seconds can have fairly dramatic consequences to the quality of the game experience.

I totally hear your feedback though. I get it and I agree. It feels bad to sit out for 60 seconds. Especially if you die twice in a row. It's the worst. We will keep looking at this and see if we can find some clever ways to deal with it. Thanks for playing and thank you for posting your feedback. =)

Bold added by me

It follows that the developers are aware that it is a daunting issue for gamers. But it is a pity that they did not go beyond the crushed scheme and did not tried any of the player ideas.

Despite all those minusików that I wrote about this game, I believe it is a good game! It brings a lot of fun, especially when Ubijesz another player. I have a feeling that colleagues with whom I played had fun of my reactions.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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