Interview with Jelcynkiem-Pixel Perfect Creator

Today I have a little interview for you, which I managed to carry out with Jelcynkiem. Here's what he had to say.

Can you write a few sentences about yourself? Do you have a training related to games/programming? Do you work in the industry or do you create Hobbistycznie games?

Hi i am a Jelcynek and I am a retro game freak. I play since I remember and do everything to continue to play, even though it is getting harder to catch me for long hours to the computer screen. I have completed technical studies, but in no way related to Gamedevem. I can say with a clear conscience that I have learned it all myself. I started to write Hobbistycznie games, and then I fired from work and spent the last 8 months living with the savings (and the salary of his wife) to write a game of "full time".

When did you start your adventure with game creation? What were your first game ideas?

The first games I created in the 8bitowców era. As I was 7-8 years I rewrote the programs from Bajtków and in this way I understood how the commands work PRINT, INPUT and GOTO. This allowed me to create simple text games. As a player I always wanted to create my game. I remember how to bite 3 months I went to the game store and I asked if they have Klik'N'Play (a program to create games) and still said I would come for a week. I was unable to get it. I remembered the gamedevie after my studies. Since both the study and the work they did was not in any way related to the creation of games, I started to create the game Hobbistycznie after hours.

My ideas were never particularly original. As it was a lot of learners programming the Games people started from the platformers. That everything was like it was a platformer with a multiplayer option (strangely I implemented it and acted), which in my head Roiła in the future as a MMORPG. I am the best at starting projects and abandoning them at the Project Foundation Stage.

Describe in a few sentences the project you are working on now. Where did you take the idea? How did you run the design phase? What problems have you encountered during the design and what issues have you been implementing the idea in life? Has the idea evolved during programming?

Pixel Perfect is a monstrous ożenionego Chaos Monster from Bezładem in a triangle with a mess. About 3 years ago, after many started and unfinished projects (one I managed to finish), learned successive defeats, I decided to make every effort to have the next project completed, and at the same time was cool. I did not plan to make a game that will make you pławił in luxury. I just wanted to end something, something like Zagrałbym himself and found it to be playable.

I wanted that the game was for mobile platforms, while it had an intuitive control utilizing the touchscreen, without any funny buttons on the screen or other solutions that do not belong to the world of mobile phones. The second assumption was the stages in the game. This assumption stemmed from the glut that I feel looking at top games with mobile platforms. I feel that cofnęliśmy to the atari2600 era when the high score counted, and the gameplay remained unchanged beyond the changing difficulty level.

However, the main idea came after refreshing the starocia which is manic Miner. I came to the conclusion that this game of 1983 years is still very playable and it can be perfectly adapted to mobile phones. So the first version of the project was the five stages of manic Miner quite faithfully mapped with more or less mapped physics with the original and intuitive control on the touchscreen. There was no place for my own ideas. Clean Zrzynka to see if you will be honey. In my opinion it was.

From that moment, I could let a little imagination reins. Add some things apart, design new levels, experiment with physics and Wizualiami. However, the whole basic mechanics of the game is based on the original.

Why did you just Windows Phone at the beginning? Why did you choose the mobile platform? 

I'm a fanboy of WP platform for about 3 years, that is when I bought myself Lumia 620. Microsoft's .net-based development solutions I appreciate and like to use. For that I fell in love with XNA and I feel with this framework as a fish in the water. Hence the natural choice for writing games was WP. It allowed me to write the game quickly, efficiently and test without any problems.

Are you planning on earning your game? If so, how?

Since I slowed down from work I thought it would be nice to have your cash. My wife I give little, and the beer must be:).
The game will display ads and will be able to charge you delete them, classic. However, I would not be in this brazen and not spoil the fun of the players. Ads will be displayed during the game only after the specified time spent in the level. For this I put them in part not zasłaniającej important elements of the game. Experiments on people showed me that often the player did not realized that the ad appeared at all.

How important you think are the game tests, alpha, beta. Do you use them only to catching bugs, or do you happen to change certain game elements after the player's suggestions?

Such tests are horribly important. They meet the dual function. One is the detection of technical errors, glitches, bugs. The second is to check whether the game is actually playable, fun, Honey, Klawa. What we like is not necessarily like others.

On the issue of Pixel Perfekta, I conducted beta testing on a very small scale. I am aware that I have not fully used the potential of such actions. However, I was sure to take a lot of valuable comments and, above all, see how players play and try to feel what they feel. Hence, the live tests that you can observe, too, consider it extremely valuable.

Do you already have any ideas for the next game?

Ideas for games like people in the Warsaw subway, huddle, fall and fall. I still try to make up the manner of saving them. Ends up in endeavors.

However, the longest in my head keeps the game (again) drawing from such a classic as Dizzy. I would like to make an adventure game based on a system of several objects using platform mechanics. Rozbudowałbym is a large world with the system of unlocking individual parts, as it is in games of Metroidvania type.

The premiere of Pixel Perfect will be held August 1, 2015 on Windows Phone.

Link is the official website of the project: Pixel Perfect

I have for you still a movie showing the action of the game.

I hope the game Jelcynka fall into my hands so that I can write her a small and critical as always a review.

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