This is a typical platform game. Something that sets it apart from the rest of this type of production is a graphic style. It's pretty ascetic, neat and cute. And it's probably all for what I can boast this title.

When I turned the game before my eyes flashed the logo of Ubisoft. I already knew something was happening. The game is a hundred percent port from your console, and you can know it wherever you are. Everywhere there are two descriptions of active elements for Pctowców and Konsolowców, the game says not to turn off the power when the game is saved, etc.

Peeking in the Options menu I very cool thing: How to Play. Developers nicely described how to play their game. My what was a surprise when I looked at klawiszologię and found out that HowToPlay says to control the form I should use other keys than keys. Damn! I. By the way, the keys can not be configured, and those served to us by the creators are rather unintuitive.

Going into the game after a few moments we feel that the character behaves not exactly as you expect. The game without rain was mordęgą. It's hard to write something more here, because there are not many here. Jumping, a little fight, avoiding traps. Nothing that we have already seen.

The game also has a coop mode, which I had no chance to test.

My request to the game publishers. Do not portujcie pc games from the console without proper preparation. Marnujecie only time players and their money.

Ehh. Despite the desire I found something else for what I can boast this game, though not much. It's puzzle puzzles. They are decent… Nothing more, nothing less.

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