Stories from the nascent world

Orle Nest is not a friendly place to live. The origins of this place reach many generations back, when several dwarves decided to streamline the expedition through the mountains. It should be remembered that in those days there was still a steel gate. So a group of dwarves coming from a wall town, along with their families decided to move here. They built elevators, first houses, a greenhouse, a blacksmith. The names of these families are Annarr, Jakko, Rókur and STIGR.

For many decades, the city has to today's dimensions in relative peace. But the dwarfs are greedy creatures, hungrys of gold and glory, they began to knuće and conspire to seize all power for themselves. Families of Annarr and Jakko quickly fell, and their members were expelled outside the city, Zaginęli, or fled themselves. Some of them settled at the stupas Nest forming slamsy, living in urine rain and dung. I think you did not think that dung those in advance is there? Down. However, they are still waiting for their chance to return.

The Rókur took care of the eastern lift, western STIGR. They are already a few generations, looking for alliances, the opportunity to take power and increase their influence. Recently, the Stigr family has changed its name to Eagles. Try to get along with the lords of the Wall city to receive some extra support.

It looks like a shortened history of Orlego Nest

Guardian of the past, great scribe Drahenau


I was there when the earth shook. Along with my brother zarzucaliśmy a network somewhere between Hasią and our village, when we an explosion of Red mountain. A moment later, a big thunder blew us on our feet. The water began to bubbling. We could not understand why the surrounding islands are beginning to grow. Then we hit a series of successive Huków. In the west from the Earth began to emerge the great mountains. There was also a Rathmin in the village. We immediately began to swim above that party, but something stopped us. The boat settled on the ground, so biegliśmy in the mud, and around us podskakiwały fish in the hope of finding some puddle. On the spot did not find anything, these new rocks destroyed everything.

Berta Fisherman's words written by Kertona scribe city wall

Hasia and Klot before the explosion of the mountains were two completely separate islands. In this archipelago they were the only islands that had easier access to the sea thanks to the beaches gently entering the water.

The beginning of the conflict sees about 100 years ago, when the rumored chieftain Hasii-the Aston mountain often visited a person on a neighboring island. This person was a Fawila-daughter of a shaman. After some of these visits, it turned out that dziewczę expected the child, and Aston can not admit it, because he already has a wife and a bunch of children. However, it is only a Fawili story and we have no confirmation of its veracity. Anyway, her pregnancy and her response sparked a fury at her father, who began the war guerrilla with Hasią. One night gathered a few people and przepłynęlied the sea by killing a few people in a dream and rousing two women in a dream. Such situations have occurred several times; Once Hasia, she chose to Klot, and vice versa. This led to the fact that the inhabitants of both islands were built on the beaches of palisade and watchtowers. For a period of time after the explosion of the mountains, there was a conflict escalation, as the islands merged into one. Only in the last two years through the mediators of the city walls. On the beaches, however, remained palisade reminiscent of a recent conflict.

It was a history of conflict Hasia – Klot

Guardian of the past, great scribe Drahenau


Demons, the ancient beings of chaos….

Today as we never have the opportunity to explore their nature thanks to Tris portals. From my guesses it follows that the semi-demons are closely related to the proper demons. The actions of the Demons seem in some way coordinated, which implies the thought of a certain hierarchy and intelligence.

Usually, opening the Tris portal precedes the emergence of several demons, and these probably give the half-demons the transition to the other side and hay destruction. It is also possible that the semi-demons in their mindless desire to destroy themselves see the opportunity to sow chaos and it lures them to pass through the portal. Yes, their relationship is obvious.

But I wonder how demons work. They have never worked in such a much-coordinated manner before. I suspect that there is a creature somewhere that has taken over the demons. Therefore, I gathered a group of Demonologues, willing to go to Tris area to conduct research.

Year 696, empty fields

Xavier, Demonologue


Ancient creatures. Legends proclaim that born with our world were to be his guards. Unfortunately, for almost three thousand years, no one has seen the Living Dragon. The latest records of the Dragon's observations come from the period just before the fall of the gods. This coincidence seems interesting, but there is no evidence of any link between these events.

According to the descriptions I found, most of the Dragons had:

  • Corners on the head in numbers from one to 10, and numerous corners on the body.

  • Breath, however, some relationships say about the breath of death, lightning and frost. I suspect that Dragons have had some relationship with the elements, hence these discrepancies.

  • Tail, one, two, and even three. Sometimes completed Kościanymi "hooks"

  • 4 limbs, but it is also not a rule.

  • Wings. This is probably the only constant and immutable element. One pair of wings.

Many notes indicate that Dragons possessed great magical abilities, from controlling the elements, Wypiętrzaniaing mountains, resurrecting the character change. This change of form is very interesting, since I found one of the ancients saying that a dragon in human form and a woman poczęli a child. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any additional information about this event, it may be just a fairy tale, but nonetheless interesting and noteworthy.

In the last two thousand years, three skeletons of dragons were found, including the Dragon Dunes. Dragon bones are characterized by many properties; They heal the disease, are extremely strong, and still manifest attachment to the element. That is why they are one of the most desirable materials in the world, and thus extremely expensive. It is this wealth that pulls dwarves and mages on the Dragon Dunes, the desire for knowledge and wealth. Do not surprised me when a battle will soon be played in that area.

Guardian of the past, great scribe Drahenau


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