Interview with ExCharnym-graphic designer

It's time for another interview. This time I asked some questions to the graphic that I work with.

Write a few sentences about yourself. Have you been creating graphics for a long time? Is your profession tied to this?

Hi, I am currently a student of computer science, after a finite technique of the same direction. But I am also an avid player and illustrator/graphic designer. Drawing or sketching was a pastime for free time since childhood, but the serious creation of widely widered graphics takes only about 2-3 years.

Are you self-taught, have you completed any schools or art courses?

Everything related to this field I studied myself, inspired by all kinds of art myself, I wanted to possess similar skills and it was always a good alternative for me to spend an excess of time. Dd when I remember to fill it with drawing or playing with graphics programs.

What is your cooperation with the principals? Do you usually manage to find out what is expected of you, but do you need to change the work?

Work always involves frequent contact with the client, based on the regular transmission of subsequent stages of the work created, because rather not there to hit the client's preferences from the place. It often looks like it seems to be a completely different sense of the artist, describing his idea with one or two sentences. I am almost always focused on the need to make smaller or bigger corrections.

If I described you in a treadmill of any form, is it easy for you to imagine and draw it? In such cases, usually improwizujesz, but Dopytujesz exactly how does the figure look like?

I think drawing a described form will not be a problem, but in the case of a simple description, it can significantly leave out from what the principal imagines. Always at the beginning please make the most of the details that come to mind.

How do you create a map that you can see here on the blog? Do you use some interesting equipment?

All the work is created on the graphics tablet, the current model which I use is already Biedroneczka Wacom One, while the software that prefers to the process of illustration is the Paint Tool Sai.

By reviewing your work, many of them relate to games. Often do you create gaming-inspired graphics? Which of the games do you think are the most inspiring?

A very large amount of free time I spend on playing and I think it was from here it took my interest in graphics and art. It is a huge source of inspiration and ideas. I really like to create fan illustrations for games that have fallen into memory and featured a really interesting world. One of my favorite worlds is definitely the title of "Disciples II", along with his dark fantasy climate.

Is there anything you like to draw the most? Characters, objects, landscapes, something else?

Even drawing a dead nature is very pleasant, but personally I prefer to draw characters, they allow for more kretywność and arouse in man more emotion than objects or landscapes.

How do you see your future? Will it still be related to the creation of graphics?

This is obviously a very fulfilling type of work, while the demand also does not lack, and so I will continue to grow in this direction.


At the end I have for you a link to the work ExCharnego on DEVIANTART


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