Easy to learn, Hard to master-game design

The concept was pioneered by Nolan Bushnell.

All The best games are easy to learn and difficult to master. They should reward the first quarter and the hundredth.

What's the point? According to this concept the best games are easy to learn, however, heavy to achieve the championship. The perfect game has very simple rules that give a lot of possibilities.

To approximate this concept, I have to use some examples.

Let's look at chess. Each party has only 16 figures with fixed capabilities, and the game takes place on the board with Dimensions 8×8. The possibilities that this hand presents are overwhelming, and the number of possible game runs are coming in millions. It is also possible to distinguish the novice from the master, even though they both know the rules to the same degree.

Let's get to World of tanks. The game has very simple rules, control the tank and we have to shoot the other tanks, and these have different guns and armors. The Idea is very simple and probably no one has problems understanding it. However, its simple rules give many possibilities. Without much problem, you can distinguish the novice player, and experienced.

Many online games show this idea to some extent. This was especially evident in the old FPS games, where the gameplay consisted only of finding weapons and killing the enemy.

This is the perfect curve for the relationship between the time in the game and the player's skills.

I hope you understand this idea now.

A major threat to this idea is the accidental creation of a jedynej_słusznej_drogi, or a dominant strategy. An example of this problem would be World of Warcraft (a few years ago, I recently had no contact). Theoretically, we could create a figure according to any scheme, but only one option allowed to achieve good results and we were convicted of using specific skills in the correct order.

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