Interview with Patrick aka Byrpheros-creator of the game Arashia Tavern

I have another interview for you. This time with the creator of the game Arashia Tavern.

Can you write a few sentences about yourself? Do you have a training related to games/programming? Do you work in the industry or do you create Hobbistycznie games?

My name is Patrick, but more broadly known under the nickname Byrpheros. I think you can tell me the orchestra man, I have a fairly wide range of interests, but programming is one of the closest my heart. I studied in Wroclaw in this direction. I have been creating games Hobbistycznie for a long time, but Arashia Tavern is my first so serious project, with which I bind a wider hopes.

What was your decision to finally make your own game? What pchnęło you?

Actually, I wanted to make a real game and spend it ever since I almost reach the memory. I like to create, a lot of I for young, I liked to invent board and card games. I also planned various kinds of computer games, but most often, that so speak, to the book.

When did you start your adventure with game creation? What were your first game ideas?

I was still a kid when I received the Commodore 64 along with the user manual. Several chapters were devoted to Basic and fascinated me the idea of creating my own game. I was self-taught, and the first programming attempt I mention with great sentiment. I had no internet access, and I had to go to everything myself. I remember Nocami sitting over a checkered workbook and I tried to convert the Pokraczny figure into a string of bytes. I was about 12 years old when I mastered converting numbers from decimal to binary and hexadecimal. The first game I did was a terribly simple ski jumping simulator, belonged at the right moment to press the button to make a good stand out, and then as the most often push another, to fall as slowly as the slowest. Sprosiłem all the friends from the backyard and we played all evening. It was something amazing when my friends played in the game I created and seemed to have fun. Since then, almost 15 years have passed but then I decided that the creation of games will be something I would like to do. The second game I started to write, was a racing game seen from above, I spent over it even a lot of time until I switched to the PC and started to create strategies turową together with the book "Creation of 2d and 3d games in Turbo Pascal". The book brilliant and I it to any novice programmer, if not that today just outdated.

Describe in a few sentences the project you are working on now. Where did you take the idea? How did you run the design phase? What problems have you encountered during the design and what issues have you been implementing the idea in life? Has the idea evolved during programming? Has the idea of the game appeared in your head as a whole, or sequentially thought out the elements of the game, how was it?

Arashia Tavern is the premise of a tavern simulator in a Fantasy world. This strategy is largely focused on the economic aspect. We have a lot of different elements here, for example, like in The Sims Games, we have a lot of freedom in building and decorating our tavern. However, it is a bit more demanding and requires us to carefully plan our planning. Our tavern is not only a place where you can drink and sleep but a peculiar center of life in this pseudo-medieval world. We also need to take care of our employees, they have different skills and we can further develop them. Also the reputation of our shrine plays an important role, there are many factions that can influence the gameplay, for example, konszachty of underworld can give us access to cheap smuggled goods but at the same time ruin our reputation.

The very idea of the game was created many years ago, during a conversation on the forum with the bunch of my friends. The same forum no longer exists, but the idea was then started, long Dojrzewała in my head. About at the same time fascinated I was so-called paper RPG, especially Warhammer. So I decided to create my own proprietary system. This proved quite a laborious task, but I did not abandon this project even if I did not devote much time to him. But systematically, the world that then came up and called Arashią, over time grew.

At some point ripe for this to get into the creation of a game in earnest. The project that I started to create was, however, too complex. Require me a lot of resources and many people to help. I started thinking about another project that I would be able to complete within a reasonable timeframe with a limited budget. The design of the tavern simulator flickered in my head for a long time and I decided to revive it. At the same time I decided to put it in the wykreowanym by me world.

The design stage was quite turbulent, because quite a bit of time I lost on an incomplete project, I had to set myself many goals but limitations.  A few weeks I spent on quite an intensive work, obmyślaniu mechanic and other elements of the game. I was very anxious that players would not be bored during the game, so that it was affordable, gave a lot of possibilities. I had a lot of ideas that IED from books and games, related to what the tavern could be happening, I had to reject much. Ultimately i the direction in which I intend to go, ie the economic strategy.

The design problems were a few, the biggest one was probably the way I intended to allow the player to build a tavern and what freedom he would receive. Initially, I was not sure if I could deal with the game, if I let the player too much. Also a lot of time I spent on choosing whether the game should be 2d or 3d. Two-dimensional graphics were the initial choice and seemed much simpler to implement. Finally won, however, 3d with quite mundane reason-much better feel in 3d graphics than in 2d and I was not sure if I find someone willing to cooperate.

In the course of work on the game, the biggest problem caused me to AI both the staff and the guests of the tavern. That's quite a key element and I realised that it would be difficult to implement, but I still found the bills to be underestimated. After some time, the diagrams and behavioral algorithms began to dream after the nights, which led to the fact that I had to take a short holiday and a little rest.

The project is still in a very early stage, but the work is being done in accordance with the guidelines. But I think that during the work, many are still changing.

Do you work alone on the game?

In a way, I deal with programming and creating graphics.

In addition, someone who is helping to create music and sounds. It's a very talented person and it works great for me.

There is one more person who has some influence on the shape of the game, familiar 2d graphics. does not work directly on the project because it works on its own (board game), but I hope that when you finish it, will join me.

However, I do not think that such a condition will remain long. With the development of the game, I will be looking for people willing to cooperate.

Are you using any of the available game engines, or have you created a game from scratch? If you use a ready-made engine, which and why?

I use a not-so-known engine Esenthel, created by a pole. I like it because I can write in it using C++ No, and I already have a few years of experience with this engine. Recently, a lot has changed in the market engines, but temporarily do not plan to move, although in the free time I learn to work on the Unreal Engine.

Are you planning on earning your game? If so, how?

I want to spend it as an Indie game in the normal way, without microtransactions and Dlcków. I hope I go through the Steam Greenlight and also use other services offering digital distribution of indie games (eg, Bundle Store).

How important you think are the game tests, alpha, beta. Do you use them only to catching bugs, or do you happen to change certain game elements after the player's suggestions?

At the moment I am still at an early stage of the project and am only using one tester. It has quite a big impact on how certain elements are shaping. I have no intention of trudgeing in any elements on strength, so if the testers will have reservations, I will count with their voice. To some degree of course.

Do you already have any ideas for the next game?

Well, yes, but I don't like to be too much of a future. I think after completing the Arashi Tavern I'll take back for a project that I had to hang. My dream is to have a small Indie design studio game, or even though be part of such a team. In the future, in a few years, it would be nice to work on some more RPGiem.


Link to the GD Workshop project page

Arashia Tavern


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