Stories from the nascent world, part two

    Emmanuel was sentenced to life from the moment of conception. He became the fruit of the love of the human woman and the Elven man. In those days of the elves, blood mixing was punished by the highest punishment – dendryfikacją * *. So it happened, the father of the child was killed during the week. It now powers the Great Wilderness Tree Army. Elven law does not apply to people, however. The mother was left alone. For several nights, wandered trying to reach any civilization. He managed to reach Galway, where the local acolytes ensured her proper care.

    After nine months, there was a solution for misfortune to the mother. The child was frail, pale, already at the beginning of the road deprived of both parents. Emmanuel was taken by Acolytes Helliusa, and was admitted as a herald of the growth of their worship. He was an extremely intelligent child, but physically weak, often also had * * *. At the age of three he knew most of the prayers, songs and rituals performed in honor of Helliusa. He never happened to break the law of him from his God. Probably his purity made him Hellius, God the Sun, The giver of light, chose him for his vessel * * * *. God himself spoke with his words.

    For nearly 200 years Emmanuel spread believed he was travelling in the continent as an untainted city. But the mere benefit of his God's praise is not enough. He founded the first Paladyński order based in Galway. Rekrutował orphans like him someday. He shaped them, wpajał ideals, and faith in the Lord's light. His disciples were dedicated to him as his fatherss, whom he never possessed, and their number in the next hundred years grew to around hundred. Emmanuel wanted to broaden the limits of the faith to the lands of the elves.

    He went along with his people, sure that the elves, seeing their glory, would happily accept Helliusa as their new lord. Nothing more wrong. The Elves ' hearts remember everything, they could not accept anything from a hybrid. Then something extraordinary happened. Emmanuel fell into anger with his bare hands, strangling three elders in the eyes of his students. They all died in a standstill, only one half-elf had gasped in an effort to catch a breath and control his rage. The air Zastygło, and the Sky rozświetlił a Thousand suns. Hellius himself appeared to banish Emmanuel from this world. He sentenced him to eternity without the possibility of watching the day sky. His and all his descendants.

    Thus, the best servant of God the Sun has become its greatest enemy. The heart of Emmanuel was filled with sadness and anger. He felt he was betrayed by his master. Every attempt to escape the sun, to feel the warm touch of Helliusa again, ended up rozdzierającym pain. In despair he tried to kill, but unsuccessfully. He cursed his fate. Over the next few years, he lost his humanity, traveled through the continent, włóczyłed without meaning. Until he came across a certain necromancer. Animation fascinated him, he gave himself to the studio and research on it. He reached the Championship at lightning speed. And in his poisonous revenge of the mind was born the idea of creating a disease uśmiercającejing the hearts of people, and pozbawiającej their light. Again, he collects an army like himself.

    In the year of the Dormition of the gods, Hellius tried to stop him. Late. Emmanuel already had a strong fanatyczną army of children of the night, and his powers were already comparable to the divine. Przegnał the Lord of Light.

* It was about 2800 years before the advent of the new era.

* * Dendryfikacja It involves changing the organism into a tree, most often using magic Elves. The mind of a person who has undergone this process can take many hundreds of years. The person feels everything, but is unable to react. Kornik, a woodpecker, everything makes a pain. This process is irreversible, but under certain conditions there may be a change in spars.

Elves are very susceptible to illness when they are separated from their magic. The half-elves inherit this inconvenience greatly.

The people selected by Helliusa are called untainted. They receive many graces, such as Long life, healing powers and other priestly magics associated with the light.

Anonymous note found in Kultorium Galway


scribe Drahenau

Lesander the Younger

Magic (also called energy) is creating and manipulating the surrounding energy and matter. Different types of magic can use everyone, but with varying degrees of success. Many people have innate magical abilities, some have had to learn wizardry.

We can divide the magic due to various factors. Here I will describe the most popular distinctions.

Due to the origin of the magic is divided into:

  • Original. It is linked to places or other natural objects that have always exhibited various magical properties, such as magical sources. The power of these sites does not change much over time. This category includes naturally arising portals and anomalies.

  • Congenital. The mechanism of action is similar to that of primitive magic. The creature already at conception exhibits some magical properties. It often happens that they are the reason for miscarriages, due to the impossibility of controlling energy in the womb. For this reason, little creatures are born that have a strong innate magic. Examples of creatures that possess strong innate magic are dragons. You cannot skip this point

  • Classic. It's about the magic of wyuczoną. The Mag by studying and exercising increases your powers. He learns to control the world around him.

  • Priestly. This type of magic consists mainly in tunneling the power of the priest from a much stronger magical being, which may be God, demon, or even a place.

We also share magic with the elements – water, fire, air, earth, or other aspects such as life, death, and light.

Ways to control the magic is a lot. The most important are classic magical techniques, consisting of the focus of the will of the mage. Most magicians must support the appropriate gestures and inkantacjami to properly focus and orientate their will. Magic Masters can control energy without words or gestures.

Magic can also be controlled with various objects. Most often these are enchanted coils, which can be used effectively by those completely unfamiliar with the spells. Using a scroll is most often the only way to read it. There are also umagicznione items that can surround the owner with different aura, or have different properties.

Notes from the magical lectures Oriego written by one of his adepts.

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