Brutality and scaring

I often see games that I assume (I think) to shock my brutality or frighten a player. Let's look at Hatred, a game released this year by some Polish studio. The goal of the player is running the streets and killing everything that moves. The creators wanted to think in addition to shocking creating numerous, very violent execution scenes. I have already met with many opinions about this game. A large part of the people who played this game, her brutality does not move, at most Zniesmacza. HMM, I asked myself why there is and I came to several conclusions. After the first player has no choice, he must kill to push the game forward. It makes you not feel responsible for your deeds. The same is true with executions, they restore the life points of our 'bohaterowi ', so they are also a niepomijalny element of the game. And second, the creators simply przesadzili with the amount of brutality on the screen. The mind adapts quickly to this situation and no longer pays attention.

Mainly the rules of the game make us not feel responsible for their actions. This was the case in Mortal Kombat, Carmagedon, GTA, Dungeon Keeper, and many others. In these games we have to do ugly things to win, because they tell us the rules of the game.

Usually, we kill anonymous characters on the computer screen. Those who do not have any history to which the player is not wholly anything, has no emotional ties with them. In GTA5 is a certain episode, which, however, can play on the feelings. This is the scene of torture. There is no znęcamy over some anonymous man, here our object of interest ' has a face, expresses emotion, screams out of pain!

Let's focus yet for a moment to scare the player. Sometimes games that are supposed to be horrors and frighten a player are a failure. Sometimes this happens for the same reason that brutality doesn't work as it should – it's too much. If you are constantly attacking the player with some surprises, used quickly. Remind yourself when it is easiest to scare you. When you expect it, when you are quietly going out of the bathroom is a relaxing reading of newspapers? Games that are well-haunted is probably a lot, but my memory fell only two: Unreal and Alien vs Predator. These are not typical Straszaki, but at the beginning of both games we are not attackeded by anything, and yet we feel the risk, we are afraid to move on, because something can eat us. One night playing Marinsem in AvP somewhere with air conditioning dropped off the grille, and I fell from the chair. It was something I would not forget for a long time.

Some of you will probably understand the picture below:)

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