The idea for the game Bartosznorberta the CDA forum and thoughts about designing games.

Here is the idea to play Bartosznorberta from the CDA forum:

World of the game-the whole world of games Incewind Dale, Baldur Gate, Neverwinter nights. That is To say Frosty North, the coast of Swords, Amn, etc…. Not large. At most three times bigger than World of Warcraft XD. Of course alive. Residents work, sleep, eat when something happens to write about it in newspapers, the whole city begins to gossip and pass it to adventurers.
Story-None. Players are formed here. That is, a group of heroes are gathered to catch a master thief, or a powerful lord (player), murders and piles of villages need to prevent this.
The main character-we create it yourself from scratch as in the aforementioned games. You will be able to play together with your colleagues, creating a team.
Others-a lot of emphasis will be placed on the skradankowy thread. In the game it would be something like, eg. That the magician who will spend more time studying scrolls and books will be easier to assimilate new spells. A warrior who will practicing the fight with a dummy, or fought in the arena of carried, or raise weights, will inflict more damage, or his blows will be more sophisticated. You will also be able to hire NPC's and live Players ' mercenaries. NPC's are cheaper and you don't have to spend so much on keeping them, but they are less effective in combat. The scale of battles will be very high will be fighting 1 on 1 in the arena, clashes between the hero team, and a group of monsters, and even epic battles in which the big armies will clash.
How to play-create any character by choosing from a large selection of breeds and character classes. We start as an adventurer, we can act alone, or the whole team. We start with banish wolves from the area around the farm. Through the pillaging of caves and ruins, to the fight against big creatures (eg. Dragons). Players will also have power over the world. The Great mag will be able, eg. Join the Great Council which will legislate on the use of magic and control them. The mighty Warrior will be able to deal with, or build a castle, after which he begins to recruit troops. You will make diplomatic contacts, watch your county borders, pull taxes from residents and improve your own seat. An experienced thief will be able to set up his own guild, or simply offer a guild, or a lord of the service as a spy. The Paladin will gather a bunch of daredevilss and wander the world as a hunter not dead. Barbarians will be hide in the mountains and forests, flay villages, attacks on convoys, etc…. The possibility is clearly much more. Such a game would be something, too bad that it is not yet real.

Let's go on to discuss the above text.

Choosing to play the game of Forgotten Realms seems like a first-class idea. This is already an existing universe, known and loved. It gives a lot of possibilities for various extras and with time to expand the game with new regions. It is a complex and interesting world with history. After that terribly surprised me to declare Bartosznorberta that the game is not to have a plot. After all, it would be to eject the whole potential of lost lands in the mud! Players are usually not interested in creating a story. They want to explore, learn, explore! Especially fans of Baldur Gate, Icewind Dale, Neverwinternights. The large elements of these games were to explore the history of the world and participate in epic events. I think a lot of people zawiodłoby if they had to solve the storyline as it says the author of the above idea.

Another problem arises with regard to the rest of the ideas. Overflow the game with different options, often very complicated and expensive in the execution, and not always needed to make sense. You have to remember that each invented by the designer's thing, must be implemented by the programmer. In order to be able to eat, sleep, gossip, and even write newspapers, the world's characters are required to define a number of variables and appropriate reactions. It is necessary to define what residents have to react, how to identify these situations, then create the appropriate behavior. Game, in which some of these things are The Witcher 3, but it is a production that worked 200 people for about 3 years, and the budget was 45 million zlotys.

Another question is the meaningfulness of certain things. Will players be interested in studying coils, or breaking dummy? Despite the fact that the idea seems interesting, questionable, to prove itself in practice. And this is another thing that Wysieliby execute programmers. You can not reload the game unnecessary elements, as it will only unnecessarily increase the cost of production, which does not will on the level of satisfaction of the player.

Bartosznorbert too much confidence in players. You can never predict with stuprocentową sure who will play our game. Players are a social group like many others. There are people who are friendly, but also people of quite vile morality, or simply bored, or immature. Bałbym to design a game in which the players Ustalaliby rules for the use of magic and other important aspects of the game.

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