Endless Space and Fallen Enchanters-First Impressions

In the last few days I played two games: Endless Space and Fallen Enchanters. At the first title I thought: Wow, civilizations in space!, and at the other Wow, civilizations in the fantasy world!

My zeal, however, quickly cool.

Endless Space overwhelming me a lot of information and a fairly weak tutorial. The Tutorial was in the form of a graphic that shows descriptions of subsequent UI elements… And such a board was many. I kept myself like a typical player and skipped it all by counting on his intelligence and the game designers, who should design the UI in such a way that it is maximally intuitive. After an hour I was not sure if this with my brain is something wrong, or rather the creators did something wrong as they should. I couldn't even send a spaceship where I wanted to. Unfortunately, I did not stand in despair and abandoned this game. However, opinions on Steam about this game seem to be very positive, which can testify to my awkwardness in the management of galaxies and the space fleet.

The Fallen Enchanters was radically different from the predecessor and I do not just mean that the guns are in the fantasy world, and not somewhere in space. Here everything seemed familiar from the first moments-menu, movement, building. I liked it. The game has, however, several small shortcomings, such as the ability to load the game state at any time, a little bit intuitive to fight against opponents. However, all this could be learned within a few moments. After a long time, it turned out that this is not a game for me… But not because of its implementation. I simply could not play it well.

Game Design Council:

In UI cases, try to use the solutions you already know, and don't attack a player with too much information at one time.

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