Introduction of storyline and narrative-game design.

Many games have a storyline. Some quite rudimentary other powerfully expanded. Different productions bring history in different ways. I will try as usual to resist the examples. But at the beginning I have to say that players are different. Some may not be interested in the plot, and for others it may be the main factor for which they reach the game. And it is from the points of view of both of these players that I will try to interpret the mechanisms of conducting the plot.

Starcraft mainly introduces the player into the storyline through the scenes between missions, and pushing the action in the front is closely related to the completion of the player's mission. Also during the mission from time to time we are offered some scenes to play which is used the game engine. As an additional relish after completing some of the missions, we are rewarded with epic cinematics. I remember playing this game as a kid I didn't really pay attention to the storyline, I was only interested in the gameplay itself. In my mind, however, there were two things: Kerrigan's character, and the movies already mentioned. Returning to this production after ten years I was amazed at how much missed. however… The story was not put in the perfect way. The check-in screens were pretty boring.

Tomb Raider (2013) had an interesting mechanism. The development of the story was developed by visiting the next levels, which were unlocked after reaching the specified goals. To enter the story was the game itself, our progress, the next events in which we participated. Additional Smaczkami were various 'znajdźki and radio calls. This last element was introduced by me perfectly. These conversations override the loading screen in a way that probably many players are przeoczyło. Sam IED only somewhere in the middle of the game. This solution makes even a player who is not very interested in the story is dragged into it smoothly, and thus receives additional positive impressions without any effort.

You can't forget about Balrur's Gate games. Games of this type are very close to complicated books, where often to understand some things we need to focus well. The story here is mainly passed through dialogues, descriptions, books, objects, other words of text tones. This makes our less interested story-players lose it almost completely. From the experience I remember, as I used to only przeklikiwałem the options dialog, to get back to action faster. I do not know whether in the case of this genre can be to make all the players chłonęli the story. There is a risk that content one target group will lose another.Image

The most difficult challenge is probably to conduct narratives in online games. This is because of the higher pressure to achieve results, which makes players less eager to delve into the storyline. This poses a serious challenge to the game designer. Of the games that I played best coped with World of Warcraft, though certainly not perfectly. In this production there are several elements that are responsible for the smooth introduction of the player into the game world and history.

  • Videos. Made perfectly, so that you want to watch them after a few times. They give a general idea of the current situation in the game.

  • Expressive characters. The main characters are very different from each other and are very distinctive. Even without reading the texts, you can understand their goals and find them in the crowd.

  • Different locations. Each region has its own unique color scheme, objects, views, which makes it easy to remember where what happened.

I do not mention tasks here, because they usually do not bring much. They are often przeklikiwane by players to get to the action as soon as possible. however… Their goals are designed so that we know against whom the faction fights, what he wants to achieve and so on.

An interesting thing we can meet in the Guild Wars2. It is a personal questline that leads us through the world. The interesting thing, however, is not fully effective.

At the end I have little clues.

Do not flood the player with the text, unless you aim for a very specific audience. Try to make the most important things from action or spoken dialogues.

Let the characters in your history be expressive, and locations varied.

Does not irritate the player's inserts, which can not be avoided.

And perhaps the most important thing: do not take control of the player's character just because to do something that he never would have done!

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