Interview with DOMIN GAMES

Today, an interview with a young creator of the game-Dominik. He is the creator of three simple games, to which links will be found somewhere at the end of this interview. Recently, she has formed a team with Jacob, which will also be a few sentences.

Introduce yourself and your colleague. What schools do you attend? Where do you know how it happened that you work together? What else, in addition to doing games to interested?

Domin Games consists of a team of two programmers: Dominik Tamiołło (lead programmer) and Jakub Al-Khalili (midfielder, web Developer). I am just starting to study in the 1st High School School in Starachowice. Jacob also begins studying in high school, and in the group of Electrical Schools No. 4 in Kielce.

We met at the IT competition organized by board educational in Kielce. I took third place and James the seventh. We started planning your cooperation through Facebook. In addition to programming I like to play football, ride a bike, read fantasy books. Jacob loves basketball In addition to his hobby.

How do you develop your game creation skills? Do przerabialiście any courses or books about this topic?

Mainly knowledge I acquire through the official documentation of the libraries in which it works, the guides on YouTube and the most I learn. Tests all the functionalities I have given. More and less often look to the answer on the Internet because I'm looking for them alone. I have never bought any book on the programming of games, because if someone really wants you can learn this yourself on the Internet.

How much time do you spend on creating games? Is it easy to reconcile this class with others and the school?

Creating my games I devote a lot of time, at least 2-3 hours a day. School science does not interfere with our interests.

Why started create games?

Games I started to create completely accidentally. My first game, Watermelons was to be a test library graphic. Over time, I that I can turn this project into a full-fledged game for phones. I create games that I would like to play, it brings me a great fun, so now together with Jacob we will write more and better and intuitive game.

What are your roles in projects? How share tasks?

I deal with project management, writing games themselves, creating graphics. While Jacob is a combination of games with Web services, modernises the website of our studio and recently learned to create games.

Where do you take your ideas for the game? Do you have any special sources of inspiration? Do you spend a lot of time designing the game itself, or rather go straight to programming?

The previous 3 games were invented in one moment, you could call it a golden thought. I immediately proceeded to programming and over time I included new ideas for my head and I updated them in the code. Usually the idea of the game is created when it meets the new functionalities of the library. The next idea for a joint game we need to discuss together during a common brainstorming.

Because you are not designing your games, you are immediately going to encode. Have you encountered any problems with this? Did you ever think you could think of it first?

Due to the rapid transmission of thoughts to the code sometimes finds some inaccuracies associated with the general idea of the game. Sometimes I lack ideas on how to complete this gap to make the game in all respects adjusted (graphically, musically and logically). Sometimes I thought that you needed a plan, but now when I start to create games with the second person plan will be necessary.

What do you think about creating an exact description by switching to the encoding? Did you think that this is unnecessary in the case of these three games because of their relative simplicity?

The exact description of the game is of increasing importance to me with seeing the problems that occur. Sometimes I don't know which way to lead the project, how to arrange all the mechanisms, and in particular finding a way to get high playability is the hardest without a prepared plan. I did not make any preparations for the creation of my games because each of them was an experiment, and gained a more and more playable character over time.

How much weight przykładacie to test your applications? How do you perform these tests? I regret to say that during the short of the game I got into the eye a few things that would require correction.

For testing, I am very much careful. This activity takes 30-40% of the time spent creating applications. I play it and correct all errors on the fly and when I do not find any error then I can say that the game is ready.

Do you carry out game tests yourself, do you run more extensive alpha and beta tests?

I usually run the tests myself, sometimes I send an. apk file for my friends who have an Android phone or access to download a pre-release version on the App Store (the option for people with IOS devices). Most often, these people want to just play in my games, but always gets from them some information that I could change, or about possible bugs games, so I can confidently call their beta testers. However, I am increasingly less likely to send beta versions of my games, because I am willing to show everyone the finished product and not spoil the game with errors or Niedoróbkami.

What problems napotykaliście when creating games? How do you radziliście with them?

The most problems are due to the differences between mobile operating systems (IOS and Android, in the future, Windows Phone). Usually the answer can be found on online forums, or by self-examining fault dependencies in your code. In addition, common problems are formed by Omylne adding an unnecessary character to the code, eg. "{" or difficult to detect logic errors.

Do you use a framework (if so, what), or do you create games from the base? Why have you chosen this path?

We use the cocos2d. x framework to create games. We think that learning to write games from scratch (in OpenGL) is unnecessary because someone has already made it easier for us and does not make sense to itself hinder. This is not a major limitation that we write in the framework, all ideas that come to our mind we can write in our library.

Do you plan to start your business as soon as you reach the age of majority? How do you imagine such work and doing business?

Yet we did not think about this, however, if our future joint games will succeed, and there are no other contraindications we can set up your own company.

What are your dreams for the future? More games, one million dollars, creating a dream game?

Our common dream is that even though one of our games placed in the top 10 ranking of the best games on the App Store or Google Play. So you can say that we want to create a dream game.

And that's the end of the interview. I urge you to visit their website, try out the games. Maybe someone of you will have a good advice for them?


And in the near future I think that I was tempted to write short reviews of games from the Domino logo.


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