Analysis of two games studio DOMIN games

I conducted a simple analysis of two games from studio Domin games. To start with Galaxy warriors.

In this game we control a spaceship, shoot for incoming enemies, meteors and minibossów.
The concept of the game is probably all well known, we have seen many of these types of production-less or worse made. Unfortunately, I'm forced to include the Galaxy warriors are those worse made. It consists of a few things.
Control is not intuitive. The use of the accelerometer along with the requirement to aim your finger at enemies was not a good combination. This makes me forced to use both hands to play the game, and the finger-clicking affects the ability to control the ship. There is still a question of obstructing the view of your fingers.
Scaling the difficulty level also seems to be a problem. Within about a minute or two, the speed of your opponents grows to such a level that the player is not able to react to what is happening on the screen. It quickly caused my skills to be become, and the game quickly bored.
Insufficient informing players is another problem. Shooting Dowiadywałem only that my gun is overheating. But how much do I have to wait to Ochłodziło? They ran out of a simple bar that would he it.

The second game is Air Bubs. Here our task is to quickly click on the appearing balls, so as to destroy them before the time runs out. This game has fallen to my liking much more due to its rather original and very simple idea.
Here, however, I met with similar problems as in the Galaxy warriors. I obscured the view, my fingers męczyły quickly because of the amount of tapnięć that I had to perform.
The difficulty level also grows at an incredible pace.
There are also some errors that are likely to be insufficient to test the game. I happened to pull the toolbar. Time on the balls still flew, despite the display of tips. And in addition, the creator did not predict that I do not log in anywhere including the game, which often I was raczony screens of error (it was also a problem Galaxy warriors).

I would not like to make my discouraged reviews of Dominica for further game creation. However, you can see some mistakes that have committed. He did not design his applications well and did not carry out the appropriate tests. They lacked some basic knowledge of game development. It should be an impulse to further develop your skills.

However, I expect further games, and can also update the ones described above.

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