Working in the gaming industry

Probably a few of you wondering what people need in the market of game developers. I looked through for you some of the biggest sites with advertisements for work from the department GameDev. Here are my conclusions:

I guess anyone shouldn't be surprised that most of the work is for programmers. The most numerous programmers are looking for Gameplay Programmer, which is the developer of the game core. In addition, often wanted people are artificial intelligence programmers and programmers who know the game engines. The most popular engine that developers are looking for is Unity3D

The second largest group of people who are looking for are artists in the industry. In this category, most of the work I found for 3d graphic designers. A lot of work is also for animators and UI designers.

Third place there are game designers. Companies are looking for a game of designers who deal with the general concept of the game, as well as professionals from individual elements. Wanted specialists are mainly Level designers who specialize in the design of the world, levels, care about the appropriate difficulty of the game. More often wanted designers are the economy designers who are involved in developing the economics of the game, which is all that players can collect, create, sell, their task often is to develop a model for monetization of games.

In addition to these three main professions, the industry is also looking for many others, such as project managers, testers, analysts, marketers and many others.

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