An interview with the creator of Fantasy World MMORPG

Today I present to you an interview with the next game developers. This time, the creator of the Fantasy World MMORPG

Let us introduce you. What do you do? Is your work related to games? Have you completed a school related to game creation or programming, are you self-taught?

I am Graham, studying computer science, I'm currently on 3 years. He does not work anywhere, deals with his own games, services and game servers. I've never been to any programming school or any course. I learned all over the Internet, as well as a lot of things that I had to improve on my servers.

Introduce us to a team dedicated to the project. How share the responsibilities? How did you make the game together? Do you occasionally outsource certain things to other people? If so, what are they?

Currently, the game creates 3 people, during the project Dołączało a few people, but after a short time leaves. Now in the team I am mainly me and Salur. As for how we found, you can no longer remember:). I never commissioned anything else, at most the game template it bought the graphics that I had right away after buying.

Tell us about your game. What is its purpose? What can a player do in it?

In the game the player can do it wants to:). We want to provide the player any mode of play, in which the story will not restrict it, although it will stumble upon it. The player will have the choice of whether he wants to follow the storyline or just develop his character as he wants.

How was the idea of the game? Has it changed during the creation?
The idea of the game was made almost nothing:D. One day I decided to start doing something that would take me some time and could be my motivation for more learning programming. The idea changes practically at every stage. However, the biggest change is the transition to the full screen of the game. I had some problems with that, but after a few tens of hours I finally managed to realize it completely.

Did you much time to design before coding started? So?

Design? Nothing was designed before, everything is created, tested and then checked several times. If there is a good idea, it realizes it. Sometimes when I have problems with something that I have to rewrite it on the card to have a wider picture of how it works. But mostly the design in the head is enough to do something.

What are the main problems napotkaliście when creating the game and how to rozwiązaliście them?

The main problems, the problem with the maps, the lack of people who can and can them to do. And here I do not have a very way to solve it.

Did you ever make big changes with player requests? If so, what are they?

As for player requests, the comments on the game were quite positive and did not require a big change. Rather they reported errors and misreadings.

What dreams do you have about your future games?

I have a dream to create some games that will be my work. I've already started writing a second project, but it needs a lot of money, usually the cost of a graphic that I just can't afford now.

Do you have any advice for people who want to start creating games?

Well here one advice, learn to have this level to write this game.

Project page
Fantasy World

If any of you would be interested in supporting the project, ie creating maps, please leave a comment and contact. Maybe you'll be able to help GRZEŚKOWI! 🙂

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