The idea to play Guru on the MMORPG forum

Today I present you an idea, or rather a dream to play Guru on the forum

Keep in mind that this is just an outline of my dream MMORPG'a. There are many loopholes, many incompatibilities, many barriers (not to jump), but there was no point in delving into the details, because why? This is just a dream, imaginations, invented in the head of the average player MMORPG, which at 99% will never come true.

May amazed, but would… to our world-earth. No fantastic land, Azerothów, Pandaria, Tyria, or galactic republics. Ludźkość has such a rich history that without any problem you would be here to make a hundred MMORPG'ów, and what is only one. Of course, do not I everything literally, because I would be above all to present the culture of the country, the way of life, appearance and characteristic places.
Therefore, Mobkami/monstars/Opponents would not be dragons, skeletons, zombies and fantasy-like creatures, only… other people (in the form of live players).

Open world?
Known. Oh. And because of the real world of Wprowadziłbym… no teleports and automatic (magical) returns to the city. Everywhere we would have to go "out of the shoe", which would be boring and unattractive, but mislead a little realism to the gameplay, and that's what I meant. No shortcuts, no paths.

The first problem of this game would be the lack of interesting challenges. MMORPG games are not without reason are placed in wymyśonych worlds of fantasy or sci-fi. These worlds can inhabit undeveloped characters. This is the player's desire to explore, is curious about what can meet the next turn. Putting other people in the role of opponents also does not help, because it is difficult to force living people to behave in an interesting way in accordance with the storyline, and in addition to carried the fun to other players.
Deprivation of the player teleporters would, as stated by the author of boredom. Unfortunately, realism is not always what players expect. The game must play, not be a job.

This would be a MMORPG "scattered over time." But I'm not about a hundred years. Up to two hundred years. The beginning would have occurred in antiquity and the end… in the nineteenth century. Yes, I know, you are probably knocking on your forehead now, myśląć that it is completely awykonalne, but change your mind when we get to the next points.

There is a lot of consequences for the game to be displayed. Let's say players can freely change the time they are in. In this case, the execution of the game will increase several times, because each site must be prepared in many forms for each time period. Assuming this game sets the time, players who start the game later or will have a break will be deprived of a great part of the experience.

Only people. More or less civilized, with or without a beard, stupid or wise, old or young, walczeni or boidupy, but 100% people. It would be hard to "come up" something else, when the action of the game would take place on a realistic planet. In addition, always, but it always śmieszyły me "Mondre" orcs, talking Squirrels and elves, which-supposedly-surpassed the people of their intellect and obyciem. And in my opinion, man is a universal machine.

I can't get too uncomfortable. Man is a universal creature and so is usually portrayed in most games. However, players often want to incorporate into someone else. Great giant, a slender elf or some sort of "Paskudniaka". Does it make sense to take them to become what they want?

Character classes
Probably the most important element of my dream MMORPG'a. Revolutionary, at least I think so. Bezklasowość?. Pff. More. From this choice depends on… the future of the player. 
I have put on history and personal associations.
For example? The Knights in Tin Armor has always kojarzyli me with a round table and King Arthur. Therefore, the Knight would class in the seventh century in the Britons. Warrior? Before my eyes he immediately becomes a Viking with his hammer, brave, bearded and deprived of Skropułów. No to Bach – we move it to 800 AD, straight to the northern coast of Europe. Assassin? Write, Paint… Assassin's Creed: Middle East and the hood on the head. Mag? I associate with Egyptian priests in white robes with shaved heads and a "pole". You can also insert the Aztec or Inca. Priest? Priestesses of Ancient Greece. Gunner? He fired a dirty, overgrown and cheweded cowboy tobacco from the Wild West. Archer? England, XIII century… and Robin Hood. Look how simple it is.
The same, gender-locking would be indispensable. Woman zagralibyśmy eg. In the case of priestesses, and the peasant in more "strength" classes. Sry, but I always śmieszyła a situation where ksztaltna, slender cupcake wore on his back 1.5 meter gladiolus and wymachiwała him as smoothly as the man.
Suppose, however, that you have chosen a gunner. Please. We start in the Wild West and we will spend the first few hours, without the possibility of travel further, without the possibility of knowing other civilizations and cultures. So we will be condemned to the society of cowboys like us until we do the things that we have to do. Similar to other classes. I would like to treat this as an elaborate, długaśny Tutorial that will help you learn about the principles, culture, religion and mentality of your pobratyńców. We only travel to other parts of the world Rozpoczynałaby formal adventure with my MMORPG'iem.

The System described by the Guru has a one big drawback. ie the player's attachment to a place because of the chosen class of character. This excludes the game from a colleague, who, for example, would prefer to play assassin or Knight.
The Gender lock also seems to be a problem. Actually, the girls machające wielgaśnymi swords look ridiculous, but it is less evil than limiting the player in their expression of character.

Leveling System
I will start with the fact that there would be no PvE. It's logical, because my world is devoid of fantastic creatures. There are neither dragons nor zombies. I could of course put the famous wolves and add the task type: Kill 10 wolves, because they eat sheep to some farmer, but it would be a complete samobój. Experience Zdobywalibyśmy of world exploration, talks with NPC'kami, performing "role-playing" tasks, building a home, acquiring raw materials, learning at school, training – put simply… on life, overnight. Each decision would the consequences: positive or negative for the form, whether in the form of a conversation, or in the form of homicide. Because it is not known whether a character that I just zamordowaliśmy had a high-age friend who was already started with revenge. 
In one word-sandbox.
Zaczynalibyśmy as… children to become older, older and older as they grow. However, taking into account the elementary principles of MMORPG'ów and the ever-increasing LVL cap been that after the maps Lataliby themselves old, and the initial locations would be dominated by children. Therefore, the adventure rozpoczynałabyed at the age of 10 years, or equivalent LVL 1. Maximum level Ustawiłbym at 30-35 years (i.e. 20-25 lvl), to every dozen months, along with additions to increase the "age" of players. The final limit Ustawiłbym to 45-50 years, i.e. the marginal "strength" of every man and woman.
Geographical land – see paragraph above – Opuszczalibyśmy at the age of 18 (LVL 8), which again alludes to the present symbolism.

And it would be really nice to hear the player's conversation with the player:

-What you lvl, EEE, that is, how old are you?
-32, and you?

With the rest it would be superfluous, because content a glance at a given character to see which – age – the character we are dealing with. Know. Children are usually… silly, and adults need to relate with respect, which is why such a system przypominałby a little real situation. Shouting to the noob "you kid!", przemawialibyśmy both to his stupidity as well as the social status.
Oh. Once we're at the levels, this leveling curve skonstruowałbym so that reaching the maximum lvl'a requires a minimum of 500 hours of fun.

We just have boredom in our daily lives. What would be the point of entering the game where we need to live overnight?
Making the game increase the level of players (age) will take the player a sense of the value of what has reached. I know from experience that the feeling of investing something in the game is very attached. Sam for several years I played him Online, where the player's main task was to grind. Task boring as tripe with oil, but after some time I felt strapped to the game. It was hard to shed looking at how much time I invested in it. In this case, it is come.

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