Stories from the World of fantasy

At the beginning the world was dark, and somewhere in the vacuum by the emptiness roamed the planet. In this space began to kondensować the energy from which it was made-the first, ancient power, undeveloped creator. It lasted in a state of suspension by eons, without purpose, without emotion. But once something has changed. He received a impulse that pushed him into action, he felt loneliness. Tore your arteries to form a separate consciousness from the gushing blood, someone with whom he could share time. It was the moment of the uprising of Helliusa, Pyrusa, Colossus and Sarah. Tired, and with his sweat formed the first stars, the first light appeared in space.
It was not his data to enjoy the presence of his creatures. He quickly left him delighted by his power, the world, having heads filled with ideas. Swept him great sadness and poured can tear. Of them were born the first elves, small and volatile characters with crystalline skin. He decided to create for them an ideal world, in return, waiting only admiration and reverence. He gave Elves three greatest gifts: Immortality, magic, and Freewill. The latter thing meant that they began to demand more, threaten, and when they did not receive what they wanted to have created a new god an Anetha. He suffered another defeat.
In anger he created people and dwarves. However, they proved to be very imperfect. They were easily angry and quickly began to devote their time to fights between themselves and not him. In the rush of frenzy he created six demons that were to destroy everything he created so far. Vaer-Do, Danielnen, Shyn-Ernex, Partysha, Kigra, Aina they inherited this great anger, turning against him, bursting it into six parts, and then set out to sow chaos.
The blood which poureded with each other by dying formed Lake. Over time, there appeared the first ethereal, who created there a temple called the Hidden Kingdom in honor of the one who gave them life.

Partysha called the mother of Dragons. The fourth of the oldest demons. She was the one who snatched her leg creator then devouring her. Her four powerful szponiaste legs carry her small body, which is embedded one hundred hose heads, and all shrouded in great leathery wings. Siała destroyed everywhere around him, which drew the attention of Pyrusa. He was so impressed with it, in how he purifies the world from the imperfect products he created that he had joined her. There has not been much time until the society has changed into passion, and from the passions were born the first dragons. However, the feeling did not last long. Partysha requested PYRUSA forces. Sometime during the next rapprochement attacked him bursting his bowels and wyłupując eye. After a few days the fight eventually subsideded with the forces, which Pyrus used without hesitation. Tore it in half, throwing her parts to the ground. There were two volcanoes, now called twins. Pyrusa formed his brother, Bejson, from part of the body.

For several years elves had a problem with the workforce. Most of them considered the most unworthy of such dignified creatures. Owle Culmano – One of the great priests decided to solve this problem with the help of magic and animals from the surrounding forests. With appropriate changes, he transformed bears from mindless beasts into strong and obedient slaves. The situation was stable until a certain incident. Aluen called the daughter of an Anetha visited room located from the great cathedral. While there was an accident, the result was that one of the machines Przygniotła Aluen preventing it from escaping. Grrashk – One of the slaves, breaking the law touched her when rescueded her. Elves gathered around the cathedral fell into anger seeing how this unworthy of life carries one of the highest placed people in their community. Must have suffered a penalty. It is closed in a suspended frame on a tree branch growing in the center of the settlement. He was kept there for 14 days, until the fateful night called by the Elves defeat, and by the giants of liberation. The stars and the moon were not seen, almost perfect darkness was illuminated by only a few lanterns. Aluen appeared under the cage along with several giants. Grrashk wished revenge as his brothers. A powerful roar was snatched from his chest calling for battle. On Earth the blood of the Elves and giants mixed to create puddles. In the morning Grrashk and his brothers and sisters withdrew, starting his trek to the north.

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