Designing abstract Games

Abstract games, that is, they do not have much affiliation with the reality surrounding us. Designing such a game has a certain difficulty, because they put something in front of the player, which is not familiar with the daily experience, can not at first glance what is what. In most games, there are tanks that shoot, planes that fly, the road you are driving, you know the water is drinking, and the poison kills. Players can often feel lost in abstract games if they are not properly misleded and if the rules are not clearly stated.

For example, the abstract game let us use Tetris. This is a very simple game. However, remind yourself of your first meeting with him. The falling blocks themselves are probably not speaking, but very simple mechanics made it easy to understand that the blocks should be moved and rotated, and when you fill the line will disappear giving you points.

It is much worse if the game is completely abstract, complicated and does not explain how to play it. Let's look at Bass blocks. In this game, it is hard to guess what your goal is when your strength grows and even when you die.

When creating a game of this type, it is necessary to provide the player with the appropriate information in the form of tutorial, HUD or feedback. Also, please note that your game will have a well-known gameplay pattern, as some players may be able to deal with the deciphering in this case. Looking at the board games for children we usually guess immediately that the aim of the game is to throw the dice and move the pawn. While seeing the board strategy game we can assume that the game will give us some troops having certain characteristics.

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