Retro in India

For some time, I observe that direction games is flooded with indie developers. Interestingly, many of these game developers decide on a graphic retro-style, referring to the old classics (a small amount of colors, low resolution). There would be nothing wrong with that, if not, that the vast majority of these games do not stand out in terms of mechanics or ideas. Many of these games are the usual platforming without the flight which przerabialiśmy many in their lives, as well as games based on the mechanics and standard graphics torn from RPGMakera. Reviewing steam automatically avoid such productions. The only game, with printmaker in retro style that caught me to the monitor for longer and to which I am happy to go back to Terraria.

Recently, I am also watching the boom of games with stylized, simple, minimalist graphics, which often alludes to classic climates, but is made in a lot of more for the eye style. It also seems to me that these games are much more likely to have something more to present to the player.

SS_C358C59B4FE390BD743E369FC7BE6B8D18BF6A 82.1920 x1080

Does it, together with the increased work done in graphics, increased the overall level of performance of the game?

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