Gear Up – Quick Review

This game was offered to me by Steam as something that I might like. Usually their proposals are completely unhit, but here after watching a few screenshots I decided to start the installation. What made me so prompt? Some time ago I got an idea to play with a similar element, which is constructing your vehicle (project absolute). Let's get to the bottom.Ss_42086e72b903e5c45dcb24d39d110154910cad 90.1920 x1080

Without much procrastination and checking many options, I clicked the play button. After a while, showed me the active game, from which I chose the first better from the shore. Here came the first screeching. The game is loaded for so long that I thought it hung up or something like that. After about a minute I was able to jump into the game where it happened!
Ubiquitous destruction and missiles flying through the air. The game offers several modes of gameplay, but the hunt for other players is the most important and funniest. I drove my "tank" trying to shoot anyone from the opposing team. I ended up złojonoing my skin and it was very. Then I decided to look through the rest of the options that offered me the game.

Glanced to the shop with parts where I bought the rifle and then installed it on your vehicle. Then jumped into battle again. Again, unfortunately I had to wait. This time in the battle I was much better, I understood already how the vehicle moves, and the new rifle was held much better than the old slow gun. But something wonderinged me. Why are players on the opposing team more? It turned out that players can change their team at any time, and the game does not force any balance.ss_5e828a108c26e234595ee28e4c338283a24b576f. 1920x1080

With its option of constructing vehicles the game gives you a very great opportunity to customize the game under your favorite style. We can buy a cloaking device, sniper rifle and undercarriage to walk the walls to perform the role of a sniper; We can assemble wings, saws, flamethrowers, harder hulls, turrets on which to mount two guns. The possibilities are really many.
Maps are varied, but they seem to promote different types of vehicles. I happened to play on open boards, where the advantage of fast vehicles with a large range of fire and very complicated, a little claustrophobic, where the best fared heavy, hard tanks.
The graphics are very pleasing to the eye, slightly ascetic, colorful, maybe even a little comic strip (?). But I Irytował the blur effect of distant areas of the map, which effectively difficult me compaction enemies from a long distance.

The game can be played for free or buy. However, the paid version does not give us any advantage over other players, only allows you to earn more quickly the parts to our vehicle. Was me lack of P2W. The same collection of parts takes place fairly quickly, for each battle we get a few points that we exchange for weapons, hulls or other pierdołki. On average, 2-3 battles are enough to go shopping in the shop.
In my opinion the biggest drawback of the game are servers… And more precisely their absence. The games are hosted by players who assume them. It happened to me that I lost the connection in the middle of the game, often bumped into big lag, and I had to wait to load the game (as I have already mentioned). I am able to understand that the manufacturer does not want to assume their own servers because of the cost of maintaining them, but would do some support in the form of releasing server files, so that players can put dedicated servers for this game.

In conclusion it is a good game, very dynamic and gives a lot of fun. However, lacked a good solution in the issue of game balance and servers.

+ Gameplay!
+ Stylish Graphics
+ Vehicle Creation
-Games hosted by players

-Team Balance

Final Score 7.5/10
Gear Up on Steam

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