The idea of the game Algaista from the forum

Today I present another idea-a dream to play with the forum MMORPG.ORG. This Post is located at this link: Unfortunately I was unable to contact Algaistem – the author of the text. I hope you won't have anything against it. Let's get to the bottom.

Editors MMORPG.ORG.PL not once asked you how you should look like "the perfect MMORPG game." This time I present to you the dream of a person who tested a large number of titles and from time to Zamęczała you his conclusions about them-that is mine!
Everywhere we encounter the famous seven points, rules, properties…, I am your visualization of the ideal and I'll introduce on the basis of seven features that most often interest players. Ready? Well, zapinajcie belts and go:

The world presented
Real life is a great adventure, while the game is interesting czasoumilacze. Starting with this assumption, I believe that the virtual world should be different from the real one. But what should it be? Heroic Fantasy, SF or something else? Hmmm, the perfect title should attract as many players (the more we get the better) so it must be something of a fantasy and borderline science-vide Arcanum is probably the best solution. The land where magic and steampunk interweaves in a big open world would be an ideal environment for a wide range of players with different interests.

Our experience in exploring should be rich in caves, deep sea or mountain tops. Household would not be just a background, and a fully interactive environment that we could explore. I would like to be able to influence the surroundings by shearing trees, raising stones, digging holes or destroying buildings. In the end there is nothing like before bedtime to turn into a perzynę 's castle.

From the outset, the author realizes the function of games-they have to give fun and this is based. Pulls out two probably the most liked by gamers reality, that is fantasy and steampunk, which at the start can give production a certain advantage.
However, there is some screeching in the second paragraph. The destruction of the environment by the players (in my humble opinion) can not go. Many people have devastating tendencies, making the game world quite quickly could turn into a chaos planet unfriendly to anyone.
The game even more denerwowałaby players, if something that they built with great difficulty could be turned into perzynę. Minecraft servers are a great example. Their administrators make a lot of effort to prevent players from destroying important elements of the environment and structures of other players. These servers, which did not possess such security simply reject players with their appearance, or people give from the game after they have been destroyed by a vandal.

I think it's fun to save the world from broken down into white and black a little bit of food. I suggest you leave a free choice. What do I mean by that? Acquiring skills or training eg. In Złodziejskim profession should be enriched in small quests, which do not create a larger history. These players should create a storyline. I would like to be able to occur on the NPC (for example, escorts carriage with gold) or their defense against other players. The System of world events (even opening the great portal to some other dimension of full Plugastwa or Przewrażliwionych Angels) could introduce what to move some refreshment and sense of brotherhood with other players. All this przekładałoby to the opinion of our heroes (achievements), which could cause eg. Help from some NPC, possibility to cover the city in the possession or issuance of a letter gończego. Players cannot be just passive pawns, they should co-create the game.

Again, I meet with a statement that the player should create a story. Once again I have to say that this is not a good idea, because the players are usually set to receive impressions rather than create them. Moreover, the events which he writes Algeist must have some feature background, the mechanics of action.

Type of Game
PvP or PvE, or maybe war servers? Well, I think the first two modes should be associativity. How would it look like? I'm thinking of open PvP where players attack other game users when they want to. Naturally, the killing of other would the appropriate reaction of the City Guard or the issuance of hounds letters. What about PvE elements? Use minimalism here. Certainly, there can be still respiących of the creature clusters. In addition, there should be too many. In my opinion, the struggles of players, who from time to time will save białogłową from the bear or close to the gate of darkness are much more attractive than the compaction of ten hares.
This way we come to the same combat system. It must be a non-target with elements of marking areas to AOE and change the view of the FPP/TPP. In fact, the perfect MMORPG title should draw from Shooter'ów, where each battle depends on the player's skill, not based on the blind pressing of keys 1 to 9.

Agree with the author that Open PVP is something interesting, especially with meaningfully solved penalties for killing other players. If the murder of other players would be excused by the storyline of the game as in Warcraft (Horde vs. alliance), it's even better!
Fighting style is a moot point. Personally, I am also inclined to the solution given by Algeista However, you should carefully consider all the pro and cons. However, this may be a thicker subject that I will not develop now.

In the world presented, such races as dwarves and trolls are right of being, so why not use them. We are happy to wypróbowałbym the game with a giant troll or a bearded dwarf. In my opinion, however, there should be a class relationship with regard to the specific features based on the physiognomy of the breed. This means that if we assume that Orcs are not very clever, they should not be dabbled with eg. Engineering. By exploring the world, we should also encounter cultural differences that are not enough to encourage the exploration of other nations ' cities, yet will affect the diversity of objects, skills, etc. It would be interesting if there were also areas where there would be no equality and one race was attacking the other.

Nothing to add, nothing to enclose. The proposed solutions make sense. The ORC mag can reduce the player's immersję. Recently, playing Guild Wars 2 irytował me a picture of the hairy beast throwing spells or small (small?) Asury Wymachującej Sword to the right and left.

I think there should be a system of professions. Fun in the "man's orchestra" really is passing the goal. However, I do not mean the usual three class groups (Mage, Dystansowiec, Warrior), there should be professions like a craftsman or a doctor. What's more? I think I would bet on Wieloklasowość. However, I'm not talking about linking some of the skill trees. I think that such a doctor could go to a warrior to be taught him to waving his sword through a would hybrid called the frontal paramedic. However, he never would such battle proficiency as a mere soldier, but umiałby to defend himself. Or such a thief trained in the blacksmith could himself knead buzzwords and even better to open castles.
Now that we are with the skills that odszedłbym from the system of Level'owania and spreading points, and zastosowałbym to increase our attributes by their use (robbing bystanders przynosiłoby greater effectiveness for the future). But that's not the end. Continuous use of the skill should also cause the other to fade out. For example, if our warrior perpetually uses a combat hammer, then the "dusty" dagger should be forgotten over time (or reduced). In general, the use of a weapon should require us to have specific skills and physical predispositions. I already have enough niziołków alchemists flying with an axe three times the same. This leads to the idea of forming the silhouette and face of our avatar, depending on the hardships that will pass in your life.

The System of disappearing skills, of course, seems interesting, but it can raise negative emotions for players who once spent a lot of time wykokszenie the ability to use a combat hammer to lose it only because they found a better axe, and it I have just recently used. Interesting – yes, practical – No.

Payment SYSTEM
The case recently moved very often in the player's environment. I believe the F2P system does not work. Finally how can we enjoy the game where is destroying all the fun? would for B2P. Everyone buys a game by pushing pouch producer, who has to keep it. You probably think that presents you idyllic? O No, I haven't finished yet. I think that every pompoms addition, introducing new sites should also require a small fee. This is not the end, I am also the existence of IS (such as the Exchange system of gold for the currency item shop'a). However, provided it exhibits things that will not affect the advantage of the game. Let us be realistic in the end, no one will develop Mmorpg'a, with only a fleeting sympathy for the users.

Unfortunately, market realities can be devastating. Most MMO games keep the trend of going to F2P. Recently, even GW2 went into the free to play system. I do not know exactly if it has any restrictions, because the game already bought a long time ago. However, this fact testifies to something. B2P in itself is not bad, but we must give the player the opportunity to check our product before. You can set maximum level of character/skill, or other limitations. However, you can no longer count that the player will pay us for the game in the dark.

Earlier I mentioned the Craftsman class. Well, this does not mean, however, that the any class as the only one can produce something. In total, even a warrior knows how to take care of his weapon or improve it. I think craft'u skills should be tied to class. So if we play a warrior, we should be able to develop the basics of Zbrojmistrzostwa (but not to the extent as class craftsman). The creation itself should be a random and varied multitude combination. Ha, I suggest even creating weapons straight from the game Dead Rising 2, where you can construct truly unique items of death.

The idea of assigning crafting to classes makes sense. But I can't comment on what the author says about accidentally creating items, so I this issue.

An interesting idea, albeit with some holes. Yes, or anyway, I guess najsensowniejszy of the ones that came to discuss here.

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