Arashia Tavern, looking for help!

The creator of Arashia Tavern, Byrpheros, with whom I had the pleasure of doing a little interview looking for help to continue working on his game. Here is the content of the post, which can be found at: forum WARSZTAT.GD

Perhaps some of you associate the project Arashia Tavern Http://, which postuję from time to time on the site of the workshop.

The project I create myself and probably the situation is not would change, when there are problems of mundane nature (read: Money). It seems to me that the game has a commercial potential, but I have to eat something, and still a little time to pass, the game will be released. I considered a few options, but probably creating a campaign crowdfunding the Indiego (or Kickstarterze) seems the best.

Well, such campaigns need to be prepared, mainly need a good 2d graphics to create promotional jokes and someone who knows English well and has teaser to PR. Possibly anyone who thinks they would be able to help me in any other way, or would like to join a forming team, will also be welcome. Super, if one of these people had a sense of organizational, because I myself do not cope with the best.

I do not know if I offer a good word, but I am looking for those who want to help me. In return, in the event of a successful campaign, would the agreed remuneration and, if you wish, to continue participating in the project (this time, thanks to the accumulated funds, already for specific money and without risk).

If you are some eager, or you know someone who would be interested in it would ask for contact at

P. S: I would also be very grateful, for the information where such people look.
P. S2: I have not despise your opinions, advice and remarks.

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