Describing the idea of the site

Continuing to work for us in my world I started to describe exactly the individual sites. The general description looks like this:

A. Baan Mountain. Red, red colorsMagiczna_oaza_oset
Mountains with an average of steep slopes. Red due to large amounts of iron. Frequent magnetic anomalies – pieces of rock sometimes float into the air. Frequent lightning, magnetic storms and auroras. Metal dust creates patterns on the surface that form the pattern of magnetic field. Metal rocks resembling poles. Poor vegetation, small trees, bushes wiSunsets-Gora-Loncath sharp leaves, grass and mosses. Poor fauna: goats with long sharp horns, Platokory (covered with sharp Kościano-metal plates), hares, Zeetach-a beast resembling lynx with a tail, which is terminated with a long metal spike jadowym.

After the presentation of this description of the graphic and the description of the animals (the description above is not accurate, I have an additional file dedicated only to creatures), which occur at this place I received this grap2poprawki_hic. Such a graphic with a description of the region may not yet be sufficient to be forbidden to create a map already in the game. So? My description does not contain information about what the player will be doing here. Will there be any tasks here? Will it collect raw materials? These are important questions that will impact your level design. An additional important element is the definition of the overall colour of the area. This is together with other distinctive objects, one of the elements that will make it easier to see where you are.

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